One of the most contentious in Leinster cricket is the length of outfields on club grounds. The Grounds Committee is emphasiising this issue over the next few months, communicating with all clubs and groundsmen, with the hope that there will be improvements during the 2017 season.

Through a grant made available from ICC Europe and Notts Sports, Cricket Leinster are in a position to assist & part-fund the process of installing a new Notts Sports Envelope System pitch* (30m x 2.74m) at an existing Leinster club.

At the request of many groundsmen, the regular Grounds reports that summarise the umpires reports that are submitted after each match, will not be sent to clubs this autumn.

All cricket groundsmen who spray chemicals MUST now complete a training course, by LAW. Have the necessary people in your club completed a course?

The Leinster Cricket Groundsmen's Association's annual offer to help clubs get a good price for their autumn requirements

Greystones Cricket will be playing their Open Competitions, 2nd, 3rd and 4th team matches in Rathdrum RFC, Rathdrum, Co Wicklow until the end of June, whilst their new ground in Druids Glen is readied.

Latest news from the Leinster Cricket Groundsman's Association

The Leinster Cricket Groundsman's Association (LCGA) are hoping to run a one day course during the second half of March. We are planning to have Len Smith involved plus demonstrations on machinery from Sisis/Dennis who are now one company. They have kindly offered to take part and will include advice on mowers, scarifiers, pitch preparation etc.

What has the Grounds Committee been doing all year? Lots of miles have been clocked up for a start, with all grounds having been visited by members of the committee at least once, and sometimes many more

Fingal County Council has completed improvement work at Porterstown Park, the home of Castleknock CC.  The club has been a victim of it's own success,…

The Grounds Committee gives the latest on the Grounds Reports submitted by umpires

The first, of what we hope will be a series, on cricket grounds in Leinster.

Five years ago, grounds reports were carried out by umpires across the province's grounds on behalf of the LCU. There was one particular problem though; a problem which we now look back on with wide eyed amazement. Reports were filled out on cards, posted off to a central point, and then slowly collated. By the end of the season, a list was produced, and problems could be identified. Unfortuntately this was normally (well, perhaps always) too late.

Derek Dockrell on the value of exciting matches - even where the scores are low.

Update report on what is happening re grounds development

Len Smith has been in Ireland the last few days. Len is the former Head Groundsman at Somerset CCC and Glamorgan CCC. His role nowadays is as a consultant…
During 2012 the Leinster Cricket Groundmens Association ran a number of grounds courses. On the 18th of Septeptember, Len Smith of the Institute of Groundsmanship…
On the 26th July the LCGA ran its latest grounds Course.  As part of training and development of groundsmen the LCGA ran an Intermediate course at…
Ring Commons Sports Centre was founded in 1977 by a group of young people from the Ring Commons Community. Initially the main interest was in Cricket…
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