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15 Sep 2019 12:00

Leinster W1 v Pembroke W1

15 Sep 2019 12:30

Halverstown 1 v Leinster 5

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15 Sep 2019

Halverstown 1 v Leinster 5

14 Sep 2019

Leinster 5 v North County 4

11 Sep 2019

Leinster W3 v North Kildare W2

09 Sep 2019

Leinster W2 v The Hills W1

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If you wish to make an enquiry about joining the club, renting any of our facilities, or if you just want to find out more, get in touch with the club office which is open every weekday morning.

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Team League Fixtures Results
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Leinster 1st/2nd class Mixed youth View View
Leinster 2 open View View
Leinster 3 open View View
Leinster 4 open View View
Leinster 5 open View View
Leinster 6 open View View
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Leinster Junior Boys youth View View
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Leinster Minor Boys youth View View
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Player Starrings : September 2019

Leinster 1
Gareth Delany 1.1
Monil Patel 1.1
Bilal Azhar 1.1
Hardus Venter 1.1
George Dockrell 1.1
Hugh Mac Donnell 1.1
Christopher Janik 1.1
Saqib Bahadur 1.1
Abdul Ghaffar 1.2
Danny Coad 1.2
Finn Conaty 1.2
Leinster 2
John Paul O Dwyer 2.1
Craig Mallon 2.1
Euan Mackay 2.1
Barend Janse van Rensburg 2.1
Tristen de Beer 2.1
Andrew Clough 2.1
Ian O'Herlihy 2.1
Matthew Lynch 2.1
Milo Egan 2.2
Patrick Lynch 2.2
David Lucas 2.2
Leinster 3
Benjamin Leather 3.1
Peter Masterson 3.1
Chris Oosthuizen 3.1
Rian Cassidy 3.1
Noel Cronin 3.1
Muhammad Agmad 3.1
Daire Cassidy 3.1
Tanvir Hasan 3.1
Somasekhar Rapolu 3.2
Michael Scully 3.2
Joe O'Sullivan 3.2
Leinster 4
Alex O'Connor 4.1
Marinus Els 4.1
Nitin Rajwar 4.1
Jack Barry 4.1
Johannes Du Toit 4.1
Aneesh Kohli 4.1
Bernardus Mong 4.1
Muhammad Muhammad 4.1
Karthikeyan Jawahar 4.2
Devan Keenan 4.2
Conor O'Toole 4.2
Leinster 5
Muhammad Rahim 5.1
Hamza Firdous 5.1
Mohammad Shahzad 5.1
Asad Javed 5.1
Muhammad Gondal 5.1
Ibrahim Rafique 5.1
Saddam Gul 5.1
Waleed Khan 5.1
Prabin K.C 5.2
Mohammad Usman Mir 5.2
Adarsh Kotwal 5.2
Leinster 6
Stephen Kerrison 6.1
Andrew Canning 6.1
Avtar Singh 6.1
Vishnu Prashanth Indramohan 6.1
Kuldeep Bisht 6.1
Pankaj Kumar 6.1
Paul Rodgers 6.1
Avadhesh Goswami 6.1
Jazib Javed 6.2
Khurram Durrani 6.2
Muhammad Sabir 6.2
Leinster 7

About Leinster

Leinster Cricket Club continues to be one of Ireland’s top cricket clubs, winning multiple league and cup honours at all levels including the Bob Kerr Irish Senior Cup in 2009 and were 2017 Leinster Division 1 winners.

The ground at Observatory Lane is one of the top grounds in the country, with a rich history, and has been the host to many matches between Ireland and the world’s top sides.

The club currently fields seven men’s teams in the LCU leagues, two women’s teams, and a multitude of youth teams, both boys and girls, catering for budding international cricketers from the age of six.

Child protection and ensuring that our younger members can play cricket in a safe and positive environment is very important to us. You can read our Child Safeguarding Policy by following the link.

Club History

Leinster Cricket Club was founded in Rathgar in 1852. The Dublin sports club now hosts tennis, squash, table tennis, bowls and cricket. The Leinster Sports Club complex is situated at the Observatory Lane ground, in the heart of Rathmines. 

In 1860, Leinster hosted the first visit to Ireland by the All-England XI on the club's field in Lord Palmerston’s demesne. Nine years later in 1869, Observatory Lane was well established as the Club’s home ground as Ireland used the ground to play vs the All-England XI in a drawn three day match.

The club also brought the most famous English cricketer of his time, W.G. Grace to Ireland for the first time in 1873. In 1875 the Irish rugby union team played its first home game at the cricket ground as Landsdowne Road was unsuitable at the time.

Famous past and current players include the likes of Ireland internationals Gerry Duffy, Louis Bookman, Eddie Ingram, Trent Johnston and George Dockrell as well as current Ireland Women’s Captain, Laura Delany. 

Leinster Cricket Club holds the record for the most Leinster Senior League titles, with 24.

Club Sponsors

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Club Information

Address: Observatory Lane, Rathmines, Dublin 6
Website: https://www.leinstercricketclub.org
Email: admin@lccsports.net
Phone: 01 497 2428
Primary Contact: Malcolm Rule (Secretary) - malconey@yahoo.com | 0862277338

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