22 Apr 2023 | 13:00

Ongar 2 54/1 V Tyrrelstown 5

Match abandoned - rain

Ongar 2 Vs Tyrrelstown 5
Ringcommons 22 Apr 2023, Start: 1 PM
Division 19, 1 Inns
Match called off after 8.2 overs due to rain unplayable conditions, points to be shared. Kumar Deepansh has to be replaced with Sojin Thomas as name is not available in the list of players. Toss won by Ongar 2
Ongar 2 Batting - Innings 1
1Senthil Kumar Purushothamanc Elton Dineshb Dineshraj Arunmozhi3000
2Naga Tarun Repudinot out27031
3Vishweshwar Parimalanot out24021
4Arun Kumar Gaddamdnb
5Adithya Annam🏅dnb
6Harshavardhan Buyyadnb
7Sandesh Gowdrudnb
8Anis Halderdnb
9Ravi Kiran Kumar Tirunaharidnb
10Rohit Agrawaldnb
11Vijay Shitolednb
extras (b0 lb0 w0 nb0)0 
   54/1(8.2 ov)
17-1 Senthil Kumar Purushothaman (ov 3.1)
Tyrrelstown 5 Bowling
Sogin Thomas4.01210105.25
Dineshraj Arunmozhi4.00371619.25
Ashwin Menon0.20400012.00

🏅Captain, Wicket Keeper. Last updated 24 Apr 2023 GMT

Match called off due to rain. Thanks for Tyrrelstown for travelling to us.
OCC wins the toss and chooses to bat first. 62/1 after 8.2 overs.