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12 Sep 2021

Balbriggan 1 v North Kildare 1

05 Sep 2021

Adamstown 1 v Balbriggan 2

05 Sep 2021

Balbriggan 1 v County Galway 1

04 Sep 2021

North Kildare 1 v Balbriggan 1

New Member Information

To enquire about membership or training call or text 0860644238 or see more information on our website - https://www.balbriggancricketclub.com

How To Find Us

Located in Balbriggan Town Park which is directly behind St Peter & Paul's Catholic church on Dublin Road in Balbriggan. We are listed here on Google Maps.

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Team League Fixtures Results
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Balbriggan 2 open View View
Balbriggan 3 open View View
Balbriggan 4 open View View
Balbriggan 5 open View View
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Player Starrings : September 2021

Balbriggan 1
Nathan Rooney 1.1
Farooq Nasr 1.1
Connor Fletcher 1.1
Gregory Ford 1.1
Ghanim Dara 1.1
Christopher De Freitas 1.1
Andrew Darroch 1.1
Dylan Lues 1.1
Abdul Sattar 1.2
Duane Harper 1.2
Campbell Davies-Webb 1.2
Balbriggan 2
Adrian Harper 2.1
Syed Haris 2.1
Eoin Birch 2.1
Tariq Faheem 2.1
Shahid Iqbal 2.1
Abdul Samad 2.1
Vivek Singh 2.1
Shakir Ullah 2.1
Noman Shahid 2.2
Ghulam Muhammad 2.2
Mel McGee 2.2
Balbriggan 3
Chuka Uba 3.1
Niall McElearney 3.1
Roger Kear 3.1
Steven Harper 3.1
Shahid Khan 3.1
Adam Tantas 3.1
Shahrukh Nawaz 3.1
Iftikhar Sabir 3.1
Brian Dunphy 3.2
Hassan Shahid 3.2
Cian Rooney 3.2
Balbriggan 4
Druhan Knight 4.1
Jesse Makris 4.1
Stephen Crawley 4.1
Rohit Dhamane 4.1
Zain Shahzad 4.1
Haseeb Basharat 4.1
John Keeler 4.1
Fionn Bannister 4.1
Vikrant Verukhia 4.2
Martin Murphy 4.2
Mick McDonnell 4.2
Balbriggan 5

About Balbriggan

Balbriggan Cricket Club is based in the heart of Balbriggan and has 5 mens teams , a Social Taverners Team and a big underage section of 11 boys and girls teams.  The mens teams range from premier league level down to the lowest league so if you are interested in joining you can be sure we will have a team that suits you're playing level.

We have excellent facilities with top class wickets and nets. Official training sessions are on Tuesday & Thursday although you will find people practising most days of the week.

The underage set up in Balbriggan is thriving and Wednesday evenings are a hive of activity in Balbriggan Town Park when underage coaching takes place. Kids from 5 years up can come along and experience cricket and will learn how to play the game with our experienced coaches. We also go to the local schools to teach kids the basics of the game during April and May.

To enquire about membership or training call or text 0860644238

Club History

Balbriggan Cricket Club was founded in 1961 by founder members Jack Harper , Frank Guildea ,  Jack Kennedy & Hughie Reilly among others. The club played in various fields around Balbriggan in the early years including Glebe North FC ,  Bulls Lane & Pump Lane Field. In 1968 the club located to Mosney and in 1970 the club were given our current ground by Father O'Beirne from Balbriggan Parish Church. 

The ground was looked after from there and into the 1980s by the club Committee. Thereafter the ground was acquired by  Fingal County Council who allowed the club to stay there under the old agreement with the church. In 2007 Fingal County Council undertook a huge development of the ground to make it into the top class facility we have today. 

On the field the club has steadily progressed through the grades, working our way steadily from Junior Cricket all the way up the grades & since 2013 the club has been competing in The Championship Division of Leinster Cricket. This was a massive step for the club to reach what was previously known as "Senior" Cricket , 2012 was without doubt the clubs greatest ever year with the 1st team winning Division 3, the Senior 2 cup and reaching the final of the National Cup. The 2nd team won promotion to Division 7 and the club entered a third team which was made up of some promising youngsters. 

In 2018 the first team will compete in the newly structured Premier  League format, an amazing achievement to come so far and none of this would be possible without the hard work of our dedicated committee.

Club Sponsors

Bracken Court Hotel Balbriggan Pro Fitness Gym

Club Information

Address: Jack Harper Memorial Cricket Ground, Balbriggan Town Park, Balbriggan
Website: https://www.balbriggancricketclub.com
Email: balbriggancricketclub@gmail.com
Primary Contact: Adrian Harper (Head of Youth) - adrian@profitness.ie | 0852040243

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