The LCU has taken out a Personal Accident Scheme with RSA Insurers that covers all registered adult and youth players and LCUSA appointed umpires.The cover extends to insured persons:[a] Playing or officiating at away fixtures or events[b] Playing or participating at the Insured Club Premises [c] Taking part at practice or training sessions [d] Travelling [other than by air or motorcycle] to away matches as part of an organised party under the direction of the Insured Club[e] Taking part in social activities organised by Insured Club.The main benefits [conditions apply] are the following:

  • Death - €25,000 [reduced to €10,000 in respect of players under 18]
  • Loss of limbs or eye - €25,000
  • Permanent Total Disablement - €25,000
  • Temporary Total Disablement - €100 per week [not payable to professional players]
  • Medical expenses [not recoverable other sources] - €1,000

In respect of medical expenses, the first €75 will not be paid [this excess will not apply where a primary claim has been made under another Insurance policy]

In the event of an accident a Claim Form [available on the Cricket Leinster website] should be completed by the Insured Club and forwarded to LHW General Insurance Brokers Ltd, 3rd Floor Avoca Court, Temple Road, Blackrock, Co. Dublin.

To be included under the scheme an adult person must be a member of the Insured Club and registered to play under the Open Competitions or Womens Regulations.

Youth players must be included on a register of youth members maintained by the Insured Club.Full details of the Personal Accident cover and the conditions may be obtained from LHW Gernal Insurance Brokers Ltd [contact]

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