Match Report

Division 6
Category: open
Sunday, 23rd September, 2018
Venue: St Finian's College
Wexford Wanderers 1
Mullingar 1
Wexford Wndrs won by 34 runs

Match Report

@AttilaStahlut: #cricketleinster #21481 Wexford win by 30 runs & are Div 6 champions! Congrats to Mullingar for securing the runner…



Wexford Wndrs 1 Vs Mullingar 1
St Finian's College
23 Sep 2018, Start: 12:30 PM
Division 6, 1 Inns
Umpires - Gyan Bharti, Ganeshkumar Krishnamoorthy
Wexford Wndrs 1 won by 34 runs
The game was played in Mullingar as Wexford's ground was unplayable.

Toss won by Wexford Wndrs 1
Competition Points - Wexford Wndrs 1 21.00, Mullingar 1 4.00
Wexford Wndrs 1 Batting - Innings 1
1Ibrar Ullah Jan+c Ali Yasir b Woody O'Neill9000
2Anjith Varghesec Craig Sweeney b Woody O'Neill7010
3Sharjeel Shaikhc Saad Sheikh b Irfan Qasim9010
4Umar Sufian Tarar*c Rajagopal Gopalakrishnan b Craig Sweeney22031
5Eugene Brennanc Daragh Ryan b Tomas Mount7000
6Nithin Padmaprabhulbw b Parvaz Ahmed38052
7Adeel Mohammadrun out Craig Sweeney b Tomas Mount0000
8Khalid Shirzadalbw b Tomas Mount17011
9Sami Noorc Rajagopal Gopalakrishnan b Tomas Mount19010
10Alan Murphylbw b Craig Sweeney17020
11Malang Jan Mohmandnot out 0000
extras (b2 lb5 w11 nb2)20 
  10 for 165(39.1 overs)
1-12(Anjith Varghese) 2-17(Ibrar Ullah Jan) 3-36(Sharjeel Shaikh) 4-54(Umar Sufian Tarar) 5-85(Eugene Brennan) 6-92(Adeel Mohammad) 7-105(Nithin Padmaprabhu) 8-123(Khalid Shirzada) 9-165(Alan Murphy) 10-165(Sami Noor)
Mullingar 1 Bowling
Irfan Qasim8125100
Woody O'Neill8126200
Craig Sweeney7036200
PJ Mount2021000
Parvaz Ahmed7034100
Tomas Mount7.1016300
Mullingar 1 Batting - Innings 1
1Woody O'Neillc Ibrar Ullah Jan b Nithin Padmaprabhu2000
2Daragh Ryanlbw b Malang Jan Mohmand16020
3Ali Yasir+lbw b Malang Jan Mohmand2000
4Rajagopal Gopalakrishnanc Nithin Padmaprabhu b Malang Jan Mohmand0000
5Parvaz Ahmedc Alan Murphy b Malang Jan Mohmand9000
6Mark Condellc Anjith Varghese b Alan Murphy44020
7Irfan Qasimc Nithin Padmaprabhu b Anjith Varghese1000
8Saad Sheikhb Alan Murphy33030
9PJ Mountc Anjith Varghese b Sharjeel Shaikh8001
10Craig Sweeneyc Anjith Varghese b Sharjeel Shaikh1000
11Tomas Mount*not out 1000
extras (b2 lb1 w11 nb0)14 
  10 for 131(37.0 overs)
1-2(Woody O'Neill) 2-14(Ali Yasir) 3-20(Rajagopal Gopalakrishnan) 4-22(Daragh Ryan) 5-37(Parvaz Ahmed) 6-40(Irfan Qasim) 7-118(Saad Sheikh) 8-119(Mark Condell) 9-128(Craig Sweeney) 10-131(PJ Mount)
Wexford Wndrs 1 Bowling
Nithin Padmaprabhu*6114100
Malang Jan Mohmand*8018400
Sharjeel Shaikh*5021200
Anjith Varghese*3012100
Alan Murphy*6028200
Sami Noor*109000
Umar Sufian Tarar*4012000
Adeel Mohammad*4014000

Archived Updates

Time Type Content
12:39 @AttilaStahlut: #cricketleinster #21481 Match moved to Mullingar ground due to unplaybility of Wexfords pitch.
13:40 @AttilaStahlut: #cricketleinster #21481 Wexford 3-36 off 8 overs. Ibrar, Anj & Sharjeel all out.
13:59 @AttilaStahlut: #cricketleinster #21481 Wexford 4-55 off 15 overs. Eugene & Nithin at the crease.
14:35 @AttilaStahlut: #cricketleinster #21481 Wexford 4-84 off 20 overs. DrInks (40 over innings)
14:52 @AttilaStahlut: #cricketleinster #21481 Wexford are 6-92 off 23.
15:10 @AttilaStahlut: #cricketleinster #21481 Wexford 7-116 off 28. Nithin out. Khaled & Sami Jan in
16:02 @AttilaStahlut: #cricketleinster #21481 Wexford are all out for 165. Tea.
16:14 @AttilaStahlut: #cricketleinster #21481 Wexford have successfully defended small totals all season... But have they scored enough…
17:54 @AttilaStahlut: #cricketleinster #21481 Mullingar are 6-66 off 20 overs. Drinks.
19:28 @AttilaStahlut: #cricketleinster #21481 Wexford win by 30 runs & are Div 6 champions! Congrats to Mullingar for securing the runner…
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