Match Report

Middle Cup Quarter Final
Category: open
Saturday, 7th July, 2018
Venue: Kenure
Rush 2
Balbriggan 2
Rush won by 105 runs


Rush 2 Vs Balbriggan 2
7 Jul 2018, Start: 1 PM
Middle Cup, 1 Inns, Round QF
Umpires - Srinivasa Karpe, Philip Deacon
Scorers - Daniel Coffey
Rush 2 won by 105 runs
Toss won by Rush 2
Competition Points - Rush 2 0.00, Balbriggan 2 0.00
Rush 2 Batting - Innings 1
1Eoin Sheehanc Adam Tantas b Emad Uddin70084
2Jack McGeec Mel Mcgee b Emad Uddin590100
3Saadat Gullc Aidan Murray b Kashif Qazi52082
4Nathan McGuire+c Mel Mcgee b Emad Uddin0000
5Alex Nearyrun out Aidan Murray b Kashif Qazi11000
6David Carthynot out 55036
7Alan Butterlyc&b Aidan Murray24050
8Nick Donnellyb Aidan Murray0010
9Sean Monks*not out 6000
10Daniel Thornednb
11Aaron McGuirednb
extras (b12 lb1 w5 nb0)18 
  7 for 295(40.0 overs)
1-128(Jack McGee) 2-129(Eoin Sheehan) 3-141(Nathan McGuire) 4-205(Saadat Gull) 5-205(Alex Neary) 6-247(Alan Butterly) 7-259(Nick Donnelly)
Balbriggan 2 Bowling
Syed Haris7057000
Aidan Murray7261200
Umair Maqsood3029000
Kashif Qazi8049100
Emad Uddin8125300
Abdul Samad5043000
Mel Mcgee2018000
Balbriggan 2 Batting - Innings 1
1Mel Mcgeec Alex Neary b Jack McGee27040
2Emad Uddinc Jack McGee b Aaron McGuire7010
3Abdul Samadc Sean Monks b Aaron McGuire10020
4Glenn Russellst Nathan McGuire b Jack McGee28040
5Aidan Murray*lbw b Jack McGee4010
6Salman Azizlbw b Nick Donnelly65072
7Kashif Qazic Sean Monks b Jack McGee7010
8Adam Tantas+lbw b Jack McGee2000
9Syed Harisc Sean Monks b Aaron McGuire15011
10Umair Maqsoodnot out 7010
11Raja Akbarb Nick Donnelly0000
extras (b8 lb2 w8 nb0)18 
  10 for 190(34.4 overs)
1-22(Emad Uddin) 2-41(Abdul Samad) 3-63(Mel Mcgee) 4-69(Aidan Murray) 5-96(Glenn Russell) 6-108(Kashif Qazi) 7-131(Adam Tantas) 8-155(Syed Haris) 9-190(Salman Aziz) 10-190(Raja Akbar)
Rush 2 Bowling
Aaron McGuire8031300
Daniel Thorne5034000
Saadat Gull8142000
Jack McGee8042500
Nick Donnelly4.4019200
Alex Neary1012000

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15:33 @mattsheridan321: #cricketleinster #18929.@RushCricketClub finished on 295/7/40. D .Carthy 55* Jack McGee 59. S Gull 52. E.Sheehan 70..@Balbriggancc
17:36 @mattsheridan321: #cricketleinster #18929 Chasing 295 @Balbriggancc are 93/4/20. Two wkts each to Aaron McGuire and Jack McGuire @RushCricketClub
17:36 @Carlow_CC: #CricketLeinster Carlow 90-2 overs 10.
22:38 @RushCricketClub: RT @mattsheridan321: #cricketleinster #18929.@RushCricketClub finished on 295/7/40. D .Carthy 55* Jack McGee 59. S Gull 52. E.Sheehan 70..@…
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