Match Report

Whelan Cup Quarter Final
Category: open
Saturday, 16th June, 2018
Venue: Jack Harper Memorial Ground
Balbriggan 3
Phoenix 4
Balbriggan won by 24 runs


Balbriggan 3 Vs Phoenix 4
Jack Harper Memorial
16 Jun 2018, Start: 10:30 AM
Whelan Cup, Pool T20, 1 Inns, Round QF
Balbriggan 3 won by 24 Runs
Toss won by Phoenix 4
Competition Points - Balbriggan 3 0.00, Phoenix 4 0.00
Balbriggan 3 Batting - Innings 1
1Mel Mcgee+c Aidan Chester b Md Mahmudul Hoque54050
2Dakshinamurthy Ranganathanc Theo Dempsey b Denis Kearney13020
3Waleed Iqbalrun out Abdullah Tariq b Michael McDonough71064
4Noman Maqsoodb Michael McDonough2000
5Iftikhar Sabirb Md Mahmudul Hoque0000
6Muhammad Sarwarc Vignesh Kannan b Michael McDonough1000
7Conor Purduenot out 5000
8Kashif Qazinot out 4000
9Tayyeb Hassan*dnb
10Steven Harperdnb
11Eoin Birchdnb
extras (b0 lb2 w2 nb0)4 
  6 for 154(20.0 overs)
1-33(Dakshinamurthy Ranganathan) 2-132(Waleed Iqbal) 3-139(Mel Mcgee) 4-139(Iftikhar Sabir) 5-144(Muhammad Sarwar) 6-144(Noman Maqsood)
Phoenix 4 Bowling
Theo Dempsey4035010
Denis Kearney5019110
Aaron Joseph2030000
Vignesh Kannan3023000
Md Mahmudul Hoque4034200
Michael McDonough2011200
Phoenix 4 Batting - Innings 1
1Matthew Greggb Eoin Birch0000
2Aaron Josephb Noman Maqsood1000
3Theo Dempseyb Iftikhar Sabir34031
4Abdullah Tariqb Eoin Birch10010
5Michael Godwin*c Tayyeb Hassan b Noman Maqsood37040
6Aidan Chester+b Iftikhar Sabir3012
7Michael McDonoughnot out 26000
8Joe McCarthynot out 2000
9Md Mahmudul Hoquednb
10Vignesh Kannandnb
11Denis Kearneydnb
extras (b8 lb3 w6 nb0)17 
  6 for 130(20.0 overs)
1-1(Matthew Gregg) 2-3(Aaron Joseph) 3-16(Abdullah Tariq) 4-69(Theo Dempsey) 5-79(Aidan Chester) 6-103(Michael Godwin)
Balbriggan 3 Bowling
Eoin Birch4026210
Noman Maqsood5019210
Steven Harper3026010
Iftikhar Sabir5026230
Dakshinamurthy Ranganathan3022000
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