Match Report

Russell Court Trophy Quarter Final
Category: open
Sunday, 10th June, 2018
Venue: Togher
Balbriggan 4
Phoenix 5
Phoenix won by 33 runs

Match Report

@emmetgolfpro: #cricketleinster #19422 Phoenix win by 30 runs


Balbriggan 4 Vs Phoenix 5
10 Jun 2018, Start: 2 PM
Russell Court Trophy, Pool T20, 1 Inns, Round QF
Phoenix 5 d. Balbriggan 4 by 33 Runs
Toss won by Phoenix 5
Competition Points - Balbriggan 4 0.00, Phoenix 5 0.00
Phoenix 5 Batting - Innings 1
1Emmet Staunton*b Farhan Ali Raja22030
2Wamiq Siddiqui+run out Iftikhar Sabir 810120
3Usama Darb Farhan Ali Raja17020
4Travis Stringerc Tayyeb Hassan b Mick McDonnell9010
5Junaid Iqbalnot out 22030
6Anish Rananot out 0000
7Matthew Wilsondnb
8Aidan O'Byrnednb
9Rama Achantadnb
10Paddy Keatingdnb
11Alexandra Keenandnb
extras (b0 lb3 w7 nb0)10 
  4 for 161(20.0 overs)
1-45(Emmet Staunton) 2-80(Usama Dar) 3-105(Travis Stringer) 4-151(Wamiq Siddiqui)
Balbriggan 4 Bowling
Eoin Birch2018000
Iftikhar Sabir5028020
Jawad Hussain4034020
Farhan Ali Raja5039220
Mick McDonnell2026110
Rana Zamir2013000
Balbriggan 4 Batting - Innings 1
1Jawad Hussainc Junaid Iqbal b Matthew Wilson12010
2Muhammad Sarwarc Matthew Wilson b Travis Stringer55061
3Tayyeb Hassan*+c Alexandra Keenan b Usama Dar9010
4Farhan Ali Rajac Wamiq Siddiqui b Travis Stringer20010
5Iftikhar Sabirc Aidan O'Byrne b Usama Dar5000
6Eoin Birchnot out 13010
7Muhammad Aminc Emmet Staunton b Usama Dar1000
8Nouraz Danishnot out 1000
9Zain Shahzaddnb
10Rana Zamirdnb
11Mick McDonnelldnb
extras (b2 lb3 w7 nb0)12 
  6 for 128(20.0 overs)
1-42(Jawad Hussain) 2-67(Tayyeb Hassan) 3-89(Muhammad Sarwar) 4-106(Iftikhar Sabir) 5-116(Farhan Ali Raja) 6-120(Muhammad Amin)
Phoenix 5 Bowling
Junaid Iqbal5024010
Matthew Wilson5038120
Usama Dar5027320
Travis Stringer4026220
Alexandra Keenan108000

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16:57 @goreycricket: #cricketleinster #19422 Gorey won by 1 wicket versus Greystones 2. Gorey 9-111 from 19.4 overs, Greystones 10-109 f…
19:39 @emmetgolfpro: #cricketleinster #19422 Phoenix win by 30 runs
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