Match Report

YMCA Salver 1
Category: open
Tuesday, 29th May, 2018
Venue: Jack Harper Memorial Ground
Balbriggan 2
Clontarf 3
Clontarf won by 4 runs


Balbriggan 2 Vs Clontarf 3
Jack Harper Memorial
29 May 2018, Start: 6 PM
YMCA Salver, Pool T20, 1 Inns, Round 1
Officials - Martin Mackey
Clontarf 3 d. Balbriggan 2 by 4 runs
Toss won by Clontarf 3
Competition Points - Balbriggan 2 0, Clontarf 3 0
Clontarf 3 Batting - Innings 1
1Ronan Crawlbw b Syed Haris0000
2Rana Asadc Steven Harper b Dakshinamurthy Ranganathan78000
3Bryan McDermottb Zahid Mahmood16000
4Aidan McDonaldc Abdul Samad b Aidan Murray21000
5Bailey Bolandrun out Abdul Samad 23000
6Jack MacNeicec Zahid Mahmood b Syed Haris5000
7Hafiz Sohail Iqbal+c Abdul Samad b Syed Haris1000
8Ian Dent*not out 6000
9David Vincentlbw b Justin Kavanagh Martin1000
10Matthew Butlerb Justin Kavanagh Martin0000
11Ehsan Alidnb
extras (b2 lb3 w2 nb3)10 
  9 for 161(19.0 overs)
1-0(Ronan Craw) 2-26(Bryan McDermott) 3-78(Aidan McDonald) 4-124(Rana Asad) 5-149(Bailey Boland) 6-151(Hafiz Sohail Iqbal) 7-155(Jack MacNeice) 8-161(David Vincent) 9-161(Matthew Butler)
Balbriggan 2 Bowling
Syed Haris4119300
Zahid Mahmood3020100
Tariq Faheem3024000
Aidan Murray3019100
Dakshinamurthy Ranganathan2031100
Justin Kavanagh Martin3024200
Mel Mcgee1019000
Balbriggan 2 Batting - Innings 1
1Abdul Samad*+c Hafiz Sohail Iqbal b David Vincent37070
2Justin Kavanagh Martinb Ehsan Ali23020
3Tariq Faheemb Matthew Butler70065
4Mel Mcgeenot out 20000
5Aidan Murrayrun out Ehsan Ali 2000
6Jawad Hussainnot out 1000
7Eoin Birchdnb
8Dakshinamurthy Ranganathandnb
9Syed Harisdnb
10Steven Harperdnb
11Zahid Mahmooddnb
extras (b2 lb2 w0 nb0)4 
  4 for 157(20.0 overs)
1-50(Abdul Samad) 2-76(Justin Kavanagh Martin) 3-145(Tariq Faheem) 4-147(Aidan Murray)
Clontarf 3 Bowling
Ian Dent5041000
Matthew Butler5027100
David Vincent5045100
Ehsan Ali5040100

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22:37 @ClontarfMen3rd: Clontarf won by 4 runs #cricketleinster #18647
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