Match Report

Russell Court Trophy 1
Category: open
Saturday, 2nd June, 2018
Venue: St Finian's College
Mullingar 3
Balbriggan 4
Balbriggan won by 73 runs


Mullingar 3 Vs Balbriggan 4
St Finian's College
2 Jun 2018, Start: 5:30 PM
Russell Court Trophy, Pool T20, 1 Inns, Round 1
Balbriggan 4 d. Mullingar 3 by 73 Runs
Competition Points - Mullingar 3 0.00, Balbriggan 4 0.00
Balbriggan 4 Batting - Innings 1
1Farhan Ali Rajac Ian Jackson b Bilal Amam Rind Baloch29000
2Adam Tantas+c Sean Glennon b Robert Ashley36000
3Eoin Birchc Luke Smith b Robert Ashley18000
4Iftikhar Sabirc Ian Jackson b Robert Ashley0000
5John Keeler*b Bilal Amam Rind Baloch4000
6Mick McDonnellc Ian Jackson b Robert Ashley0000
7Rana Zamirb Ian Jackson0000
8Tayyeb Hassanb Keith Kilduff0000
9Conor Purduenot out 3000
10Terence Kiernannot out 0000
11Druhan Knightdnb
extras (b8 lb0 w6 nb15)29 
  8 for 119(20.0 overs)
1-68(Farhan Ali Raja) 2-80(Adam Tantas) 3-83(Iftikhar Sabir) 4-88(John Keeler) 5-94(Eoin Birch) 6-100(Mick McDonnell) 7-105(Rana Zamir) 8-117(Tayyeb Hassan)
Mullingar 3 Bowling
Conor Mount3032000
Keith Kilduff4027100
Bilal Amam Rind Baloch5022200
Ian Jackson3016100
Robert Ashley5014400
Mullingar 3 Batting - Innings 1
1Kyle Gavinc John Keeler b Druhan Knight22000
2Sean Glennon+lbw b Eoin Birch2000
3Bilal Amam Rind Balochb Iftikhar Sabir11000
4Riju Vargheselbw b Iftikhar Sabir0000
5Ollie Fieldb Eoin Birch0000
6Abhilash Manoharanc Terence Kiernan b Eoin Birch0000
7Luke Smithb John Keeler1000
8Robert Ashleylbw b Farhan Ali Raja3000
9Conor Mountc Conor Purdue b Druhan Knight2000
10Keith Kilduff*c Adam Tantas b John Keeler0000
11Ian Jacksonnot out 1000
extras (b0 lb0 w4 nb0)4 
  10 for 46(11.4 overs)
1-3(Sean Glennon) 2-20(Bilal Amam Rind Baloch) 3-20(Riju Varghese) 4-21(Ollie Field) 5-27(Abhilash Manoharan) 6-37(Kyle Gavin) 7-40(Robert Ashley) 8-45(Conor Mount) 9-45(Luke Smith) 10-46(Keith Kilduff)
Balbriggan 4 Bowling
Eoin Birch4015300
Iftikhar Sabir3012200
Druhan Knight2014200
Farhan Ali Raja204100
John Keeler0.501200

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15:51 @Mullingar_CC: #cricketleinster #18832 T20 3rd XI need 120 to win against @Balbriggancc - Robert Ashley 4-14, Bilal 2-22.
15:51 @fibrofella: Malcolm Nofal scores 160 as @NorthCountycc score 299/8 leaving @pembrokecricket to chase 300 off their 50 in the…
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