Match Report

Whelan Cup 1
Category: open
Saturday, 26th May, 2018
Venue: Porterstown
Castleknock 2
Balbriggan 3
Balbriggan won by 85 runs

Match Report

@bass20112: #cricketleinster #19657 Balbriggan won


Castleknock 2 Vs Balbriggan 3
26 May 2018, Start: 10:30 AM
Whelan Cup, Pool T20, 1 Inns, Round 1
Balbriggan 3 d. Castleknock 2 by 85 Runs
Toss won by Balbriggan 3
Competition Points - Castleknock 2 0, Balbriggan 3 0
Balbriggan 3 Batting - Innings 1
1Shahrukh Nawazc Hamza Razaq b Faran Khalid19000
2Jawad Hussainb Sagar Khatri0000
3Waleed Iqbalc Masroor Ahmed b Sagar Khatri24000
4Muhammad Aminc Sagar Khatri b Masroor Ahmed2000
5Tayyeb Hassan*c&b Zain Azhar Pardeep Singh16000
6Paras Goelc Zain Azhar b Masroor Ahmed0000
7Kashif Qazic Sherjeel Ilyas b Masroor Ahmed0000
8Iftikhar Sabirc Faran Khalid b Rohit Rai81000
9Syed Harisb Pardeep Singh1000
10Muhammad Sarwarnot out 3000
11Raja Akbar+not out 1000
extras (b13 lb1 w9 nb0)23 
  9 for 170 
1-3(Jawad Hussain) 2-47(Waleed Iqbal) 3-51(Muhammad Amin) 4-52(Shahrukh Nawaz) 5-52(Tayyeb Hassan) 6-52(Paras Goel) 7-91(Kashif Qazi) 8-111(Syed Haris) 9-168(Iftikhar Sabir)
Castleknock 2 Bowling
Sagar Khatri+5048200
Zain Azhar+1014000
Masroor Ahmed+5038300
Faran Khalid+5026100
Pardeep Singh+3026200
Rohit Rai+104100
Castleknock 2 Batting - Innings 1
1Zain Azhar*c Paras Goel b Raja Akbar5000
2Fawaz Siddiqb Iftikhar Sabir15000
3Pardeep Singhc Waleed Iqbal b Iftikhar Sabir28000
4Masroor Ahmedb Iftikhar Sabir0000
5Sherjeel Ilyaslbw b Kashif Qazi5000
6Faran Khalidb Kashif Qazi2000
7Hamza Razaq+b Kashif Qazi0000
8Syed Muzamilnot out 9000
9Huzaifa Tahir Alirun out Tayyeb Hassan b Kashif Qazi0000
10Rohit Raib Paras Goel9000
11Sagar Khatrib Syed Haris0000
extras (b5 lb3 w3 nb1)12 
  10 for 85 
1-19(Zain Azhar) 2-55(Pardeep Singh) 3-55(Fawaz Siddiq) 4-55(Masroor Ahmed) 5-62(Faran Khalid) 6-62(Sherjeel Ilyas) 7-63(Hamza Razaq) 8-64(Huzaifa Tahir Ali) 9-81(Rohit Rai) 10-83(Sagar Khatri)
Balbriggan 3 Bowling
Raja Akbar3014100
Syed Haris3013100
Iftikhar Sabir3025300
Kashif Qazi306300
Paras Goel206100
Waleed Iqbal1013000

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