Match Report

Division 13
Category: open
Sunday, 16th September, 2018
Venue: Phoenix
Phoenix 5
Pembroke 5
Phoenix won by 5 wkts

Match Report

@JSA1830: Phoenix 5 chase 156 down to win the league and cup double. Win by 5 wickets. #cricketleinster #20099


Phoenix 5 Vs Pembroke 5
16 Sep 2018, Start: 12:30 PM
Division 13, 1 Inns
Scorers - Conor Dillon
Phoenix 5 won by 5 Wickets
Kieran Vulker/Barbara Musgrave scored for Pembroke.

Toss won by Pembroke 5
Competition Points - Phoenix 5 23.00, Pembroke 5 2.00
Pembroke 5 Batting - Innings 1
1Graham Mooneyc John Anders b Junaid Iqbal103710
2Siawash Safib Monjur Ahmad348060
3Prajwal Doddaballaprun out Monjur Ahmad 557671
4James Cresswellc Sam Huleatt-James b Monjur Ahmad142710
5Thomas Musgravec Sam Huleatt-James b Monjur Ahmad1700
6Niall Walshrun out Tom Walker 1100
7Kieran Vulkernot out 8910
8Noah Smithnot out 7610
9Donncha Tuckerdnb
10Kevin Ryan+dnb
11Craig Senior*dnb
extras (b2 lb3 w20 nb1)26 
  6 for 156(40.0 overs)
1-17(Graham Mooney) 2-100(Siawash Safi) 3-136(James Cresswell) 4-138(Prajwal Doddaballap) 5-141(Thomas Musgrave) 6-142(Niall Walsh)
Phoenix 5 Bowling
William Clarke*8220020
John Anders*8416000
Junaid Iqbal*5222191
Matthew Wilson*5113000
Usama Dar*2015070
Sam Huleatt-James*4028010
Monjur Ahmad*8037310
Phoenix 5 Batting - Innings 1
1Emmet Staunton*b Graham Mooney204820
2Wamiq Siddiqui+c Niall Walsh b Craig Senior303040
3Tom Walkerlbw b Graham Mooney91010
4Usama Darc Prajwal Doddaballap b Graham Mooney31600
5Anish Rananot out 544071
6Junaid Iqbalc&b Siawash Safi232570
7Matthew Wilsonnot out 111700
8Sam Huleatt-Jamesdnb
9Monjur Ahmaddnb
10John Andersdnb
11William Clarkednb
extras (b3 lb0 w3 nb1)7 
  5 for 157(31.0 overs)
1-39(Wamiq Siddiqui) 2-54(Tom Walker) 3-64(Usama Dar) 4-65(Emmet Staunton) 5-110(Junaid Iqbal)
Pembroke 5 Bowling
Kieran Vulker6136000
Noah Smith2012000
James Cresswell3012000
Craig Senior8037101
Graham Mooney6219310
Donncha Tucker2014020
Siawash Safi2011100
Thomas Musgrave107000
Prajwal Doddaballap106000

Archived Updates

Time Type Content
12:17 @emmetgolfpro: #cricketleinster #20099 Pembroke win toss and are batting
16:49 @JSA1830: Pembroke make 156. Phoenix 65 3 off 16. #cricketleinster #20099
17:21 @JSA1830: Phoenix 104 4 off 23 #cricketleinster #20099
17:21 @JSA1830: Phoenix 81 4 off 21 chasing 156. #cricketleinster #20099
17:37 @JSA1830: Phoenix 124 5 off 27 #cricketleinster #20099
17:54 @JSA1830: Phoenix 5 chase 156 down to win the league and cup double. Win by 5 wickets. #cricketleinster #20099
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