Match Report

Alan Murray Cup
Category: open
Saturday, 30th June, 2018
Venue: Phoenix
Phoenix 1
Balbriggan 1
Phoenix won by 45 runs

Match Report

Phoenix win and go through. Just waiting for final details.


Phoenix 1 Vs Balbriggan 1
30 Jun 2018, Start: 5:30 PM
Alan Murray Cup, Pool T20, 1 Inns
Umpires - Varun Walia, Will Houston
Scorers - Conor Dillon, Alan Richardson
Phoenix 1 won by 45 runs
Toss won by Phoenix 1
Competition Points - Phoenix 1 2.00, Balbriggan 1 0.00
Phoenix 1 Batting - Innings 1
1Reinhardt Strydomc Connor Fletcher b Timcen Maruma192101
2Brad Kneebonec&b Timcen Maruma Timcen Maruma543853
3Rory Andersc&b Farooq Nasr Farooq Nasr292012
4Fletcher Couttsb Farooq Nasr161320
5Adam Chesterc Syed Haris b Farooq Nasr16911
6Sinesipho Tsotsac Duane Harper b Emad Uddin1200
7Benjamin Whitec Adam Keefe b Farooq Nasr0100
8Tom Anders*not out 271360
9Theo Dempseyrun out Tariq Faheem 7410
10Louis McDonough+not out 5210
11Gordon Millardnb
extras (b4 lb0 w4 nb3)11 
  8 for 185(20.0 overs)
1-74(Brad Kneebone) 2-84(Reinhardt Strydom) 3-112(Fletcher Coutts) 4-143(Adam Chester) 5-143(Rory Anders) 6-143(Benjamin White) 7-163(Sinesipho Tsotsa) 8-170(Theo Dempsey)
Balbriggan 1 Bowling
Duane Harper3013020
Ehtesham Ahmed3032001
Syed Haris2027001
Tariq Faheem3041011
Farooq Nasr4034400
Timcen Maruma2016210
Emad Uddin3018100
Balbriggan 1 Batting - Innings 1
1Timcen Marumac Tom Anders b Rory Anders572665
2Emad Uddinc Tom Anders b Reinhardt Strydom31300
3Farooq Nasrc Reinhardt Strydom b Fletcher Coutts273112
4Nathan Rooneyc Tom Anders b Benjamin White1500
5Connor Fletcherb Gordon Millar7810
6Tariq Faheemc Tom Anders b Benjamin White141011
7Adam Keefe+c Tom Anders b Gordon Millar0300
8Ehtesham Ahmed*run out Rory Anders 71010
9Adrian Harpernot out 1100
10Duane Harperb Rory Anders0100
11Syed Harisb Fletcher Coutts1200
extras (b15 lb3 w3 nb1)22 
  10 for 140(18.1 overs)
1-65(Timcen Maruma) 2-65(Emad Uddin) 3-67(Nathan Rooney) 4-86(Connor Fletcher) 5-115(Tariq Faheem) 6-117(Adam Keefe) 7-135(Farooq Nasr) 8-139(Ehtesham Ahmed) 9-139(Duane Harper) 10-140(Syed Haris)
Phoenix 1 Bowling
Reinhardt Strydom4116100
Fletcher Coutts3.1032200
Rory Anders3028230
Benjamin White4118201
Gordon Millar4028200

Archived Updates

Time Type Content
18:50 @JSA1830: Phoenix 185 9 off the 20 #cricketleinster #20064
19:37 @JSA1830: Balbriggan 68 3 off 8 Brilliant 57 from Fletcher but out now. #cricketleinster #20064
19:53 @JSA1830: Sorry Maruma with the very quick runs #cricketleinster #20064
20:09 @JSA1830: Phoenix win #cricketleinster #20064
20:12 Phoenix win and go through. Just waiting for final details.
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