Match Report

Division 2
Category: open
Monday, 6th August, 2018
Venue: Park Avenue
Railway Union 1
Balbriggan 1
Railway Union won by 94 runs

Match Report

Important win for Railway. They get home by 94 runs.


Railway Union 1 Vs Balbriggan 1
Park Avenue
6 Aug 2018, Start: 12 PM
Division 2, Pool Sen, 1 Inns
Umpires - Satish Ayyappath, John Norton
Scorers - Judy Cohen, Alan Richardson
Railway Union 1 won by 94 Runs
Toss won by Railway Union 1
Competition Points - Railway Union 1 24.00, Balbriggan 1 1.00
Railway Union 1 Batting - Innings 1
1Kenny Carrollc Timcen Maruma b Ehtesham Ahmed344860
2Eoin Barronrun out Kashif Ali b Kashif Ali52210
3Alex Stilesc Adam Keefe b Ehtesham Ahmed72310
4Kevin O'Brienlbw b Farooq Nasr778453
5Hashir Sultanb Farooq Nasr41500
6Abdullah Hafizlbw b Farooq Nasr2600
7Ranil Dhammikalbw b Farooq Nasr364330
8Dhram Singhlbw b Timcen Maruma302930
9Ciaran Divney*+st Adam Keefe b Timcen Maruma41300
10Saad Ullahnot out 14920
11Andrew Jacksonc Kashif Ali b Timcen Maruma1300
extras (b6 lb3 w9 nb0)18 
  10 for 232(49.0 overs)
1-34(Eoin Barron) 2-53(Alex Stiles) 3-56(Kenny Carroll) 4-77(Hashir Sultan) 5-79(Abdullah Hafiz) 6-171(Ranil Dhammika) 7-184(Kevin O'Brien) 8-204(Ciaran Divney) 9-224(Dhram Singh) 10-232(Andrew Jackson)
Balbriggan 1 Bowling
Kashif Ali10052040
Duane Harper10056020
Farooq Nasr10133400
Ehtesham Ahmed10032200
Timcen Maruma9.1050330
Balbriggan 1 Batting - Innings 1
1Connor Fletcherc Hashir Sultan b Andrew Jackson142030
2Adrian Harperb Saad Ullah81810
3Farooq Nasrrun out Dhram Singh b Ranil Dhammika394170
4Timcen Marumarun out Kevin O'Brien b Kevin O'Brien71600
5Adam Keefe+b Kevin O'Brien41600
6Nathan Rooneylbw b Dhram Singh212621
7Ehtesham Ahmedc Ciaran Divney b Dhram Singh163500
8Duane Harper*c Kevin O'Brien b Dhram Singh174510
9Kashif Alilbw b Dhram Singh11100
10Mel Mcgeeb Ranil Dhammika51400
11Abdul Samadnot out 0000
extras (b0 lb0 w4 nb2)6 
  10 for 138(40.0 overs)
1-19(Adrian Harper) 2-48(Connor Fletcher) 3-71(Timcen Maruma) 4-75(Farooq Nasr) 5-75(Adam Keefe) 6-104(Nathan Rooney) 7-122(Ehtesham Ahmed) 8-128(Kashif Ali) 9-133(Mel Mcgee) 10-138(Duane Harper)
Railway Union 1 Bowling
Andrew Jackson5025110
Saad Ullah4024110
Ranil Dhammika8314100
Kevin O'Brien8031111
Dhram Singh10134410
Hashir Sultan5010001

Archived Updates

Time Type Content
15:47 Railway batting first 232 all out. 77 for Kevin O'Brien
16:47 Balbriggan 57/2 off 10
17:56 Balbriggan 108/6
18:12 Balbriggan 123/7
18:53 @railwaycricket: Rai 62 for 3 (19.0 overs) K O'Brien 5 H Sultan 3 #totalcricketscorer #cricketleinster #18847
18:53 @railwaycricket: Rai 92 for 5 (25.0 overs) K O'Brien 26 R Dhammika 6 #totalcricketscorer #cricketleinster #18847 drinks
18:53 @railwaycricket: Rai 28 for 0 (7.0 overs) K Carroll 18 E Barron 5 #totalcricketscorer #cricketleinster #18847
18:53 Important win for Railway. They get home by 94 runs.
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