Match Report

Division 6
Category: open
Saturday, 22nd September, 2018
Venue: Observatory Lane
Railway Union 3
Leinster 3
Leinster won by 8 wkts


Railway Union 3 Vs Leinster 3
Observatory Lane
22 Sep 2018, Start: 12:30 PM
Division 6, 1 Inns
Umpires - Peter Thew
Leinster 3 won by 8 Wickets
Toss won by Leinster 3
Competition Points - Railway Union 3 1.00, Leinster 3 24.00
Railway Union 3 Batting - Innings 1
1Simon Grehanc Eoin Byrne b Tristen de Beer7000
2Gerard O'Brien+c Tom Perry b Saeedullah Azizi4000
3Mohnish Kriplanic&b Somasekhar Rapolu73000
4Ciaran Kennyc Eoin Byrne b Tristen de Beer0000
5Vamsi Krishnac Eoin Byrne b Tom Perry34000
6Upender Reddy*b Rian Cassidy Somasekhar Rapolu20000
7Stephen Noonec Rian Cassidy b Somasekhar Rapolu1000
8Hadley Southallnot out b Somasekhar Rapolu5000
9Tajinder Singhb Somasekhar Rapolu0000
10Rahul Gomeslbw b Saeedullah Azizi0000
11Sean Condronb Saeedullah Azizi0000
extras (b1 lb0 w11 nb1)13 
  10 for 157(34.0 overs)
1-10(Gerard O'Brien) 2-16(Simon Grehan) 3-16(Ciaran Kenny) 4-101(Vamsi Krishna) 5-144(Mohnish Kriplani) 6-149(Stephen Noone) 7-156(Upender Reddy) 8-156(Tajinder Singh) 9-156(Rahul Gomes) 10-157(Sean Condron)
Leinster 3 Bowling
Saeedullah Azizi7027300
Tristen de Beer6221200
Eoin Byrne4024000
Peter Masterson6025000
Tom Perry4032100
Nitin Rajwar4025000
Somasekhar Rapolu312400
Leinster 3 Batting - Innings 1
1Chris Oosthuizenc Ciaran Kenny b Simon Grehan23000
2Peter Mastersonb Hadley Southall18000
3Somasekhar Rapolunot out 47000
4Abdul Sattarnot out 64000
5Tom Perrydnb
6Nitin Rajwardnb
7Michael Scully*dnb
8Eoin Byrnednb
9Rian Cassidy+dnb
10Tristen de Beerdnb
11Saeedullah Azizidnb
extras (b0 lb0 w6 nb0)6 
  2 for 158(30.0 overs)
1-35(Peter Masterson) 2-56(Chris Oosthuizen)
Railway Union 3 Bowling
Hadley Southall8036100
Simon Grehan8031100
Mohnish Kriplani7044000
Vamsi Krishna5025000
Rahul Gomes2022000
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