Match Report

Division 16
Category: open
Saturday, 26th May, 2018
Venue: Observatory Lane
Leinster 7
Balbriggan 4
Leinster won by 2 wkts


Leinster 7 Vs Balbriggan 4
Observatory Lane
26 May 2018, Start: 1 PM
Division 16, 1 Inns
Leinster 7 won outright by 2 wickets
Unregistered Balbriggan player Salman Aziz (5 point deduction)

Toss won by Balbriggan 4
Competition Points - Leinster 7 21.00, Balbriggan 4 -1.00
Balbriggan 4 Batting - Innings 1
1Farhan Ali Rajab Muhammad Ishaq30000
2Adam Tantas+b Avtar Singh32000
3Steven Harperb Justin Cramp10000
4Eoin Birchc Vaibhav Tiwari b Muhammad Azharuddin56000
5Salman Azizlbw b Avtar Singh4000
6Rana Zamir*c Vaibhav Tiwari b Muhammad Azharuddin21000
7Conor Purdueb Niall Carroll1000
8Terence Kiernannot out 10000
9Jose O Carrollb Muhammad Azharuddin0000
10Druhan Knightnot out 1000
11Jack Walshdnb
extras (b1 lb1 w20 nb1)23 
  8 for 188(40.0 overs)
1-59(Farhan Ali Raja) 2-79(Adam Tantas) 3-96(Steven Harper) 4-105(Salman Aziz) 5-175(Eoin Birch) 6-176(Rana Zamir) 7-186(Conor Purdue) 8-188(Jose O Carroll)
Leinster 7 Bowling
Ahsan Safi6027000
Abdul Ghaffar6231000
Muhammad Ishaq6041100
Avtar Singh8025200
Justin Cramp6022100
Muhammad Tanweer3018000
Muhammad Azharuddin4013300
Niall Carroll109100
Leinster 7 Batting - Innings 1
1Avtar Singh*b Steven Harper51000
2Vaibhav Tiwari+c Rana Zamir b Farhan Ali Raja5000
3Kenneth Byrneb Conor Purdue1000
4Ahsan Safic Conor Purdue b Salman Aziz41000
5Ciaran Casserlyst Adam Tantas b Druhan Knight12000
6Abdul Ghaffarc Salman Aziz b Farhan Ali Raja29000
7Muhammad Tanweernot out 17000
8Muhammad Ishaqb Eoin Birch7000
9Muhammad Azharuddinlbw b Eoin Birch0000
10Justin Crampnot out 0000
11Niall Carrolldnb
extras (b0 lb4 w12 nb11)27 
  8 for 190(36.0 overs)
1-25(Vaibhav Tiwari) 2-45(Kenneth Byrne) 3-87(Avtar Singh) 4-118(Ahsan Safi) 5-151(Ciaran Casserly) 6-176(Abdul Ghaffar) 7-186(Muhammad Ishaq) 8-186(Muhammad Azharuddin)
Balbriggan 4 Bowling
Eoin Birch307200
Farhan Ali Raja6127200
Conor Purdue7054100
Rana Zamir308000
Steven Harper4032100
Salman Aziz8033100
Terence Kiernan3010000
Druhan Knight2015100
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