Match Report

Division 5
Category: open
Sunday, 1st July, 2018
Venue: Newtownforbes
Longford 1
Balbriggan 2
Longford won by 146 runs

Match Report

@LongfordCricket: #cricketleinster #18743 @LongfordCricket March on winning by 150. Eight from eight!


Longford 1 Vs Balbriggan 2
1 Jul 2018, Start: 1 PM
Division 5, 1 Inns
Umpires - Melwin Sajan, Peter Thew
Scorers - Adel Aslam, Alan Richardson
Longford 1 won by 146 runs
Skipper Shamas Sarfraz in the runs, and Fadi back in the wickets

Toss won by Longford 1
Competition Points - Longford 1 25.00, Balbriggan 2 0.00
Longford 1 Batting - Innings 1
1Danish Javedb Syed Haris23040
2Sheraz Tariqc Syed Mehdi b Aidan Murray49071
3Hamza Hamayunc Syed Haris b Farhan Ali Raja41034
4Ashir Javedc Amir Shahzad b Steven Harper39041
5Fadi Khanb Farhan Ali Raja7010
6Raza Buzdarb Amir Shahzad20030
7Shamas Sarfraz*+c Syed Haris b Amir Shahzad79038
8Mehar Imranc Syed Haris b Emad Uddin1000
9Umar Sarfraznot out 23021
10Husnain Razanot out 11010
11Waqas Fazildnb
extras (b8 lb4 w27 nb0)39 
  8 for 332(45.0 overs)
1-78(Danish Javed) 2-93(Sheraz Tariq) 3-142(Hamza Hamayun) 4-163(Fadi Khan) 5-179(Ashir Javed) 6-242(Raza Buzdar) 7-244(Mehar Imran) 8-291(Shamas Sarfraz)
Balbriggan 2 Bowling
Syed Haris9141100
Eoin Birch5039000
Aidan Murray7063100
Farhan Ali Raja6041200
Steven Harper7043100
Emad Uddin6051100
Amir Shahzad5042200
Balbriggan 2 Batting - Innings 1
1Emad Uddinc&b Mehar Imran26041
2Glenn Russellc Ashir Javed b Sheraz Tariq26040
3Abdul Samad*+b Danish Javed10020
4Syed Mehdib Sheraz Tariq67037
5Aidan Murrayc Sheraz Tariq b Fadi Khan16011
6Steven Harperc Sheraz Tariq b Umar Sarfraz11020
7Amir Shahzadb Umar Sarfraz0000
8Eoin Birchc Shamas Sarfraz b Fadi Khan0000
9Syed Harisnot out 11020
10Justin Kavanagh Martinc Hamza Hamayun b Fadi Khan1000
11Farhan Ali Rajac Raza Buzdar b Fadi Khan4010
extras (b0 lb2 w12 nb0)14 
  10 for 186(29.0 overs)
1-49(Emad Uddin) 2-58(Abdul Samad) 3-120(Glenn Russell) 4-135(Syed Mehdi) 5-163(Steven Harper) 6-165(Aidan Murray) 7-165(Eoin Birch) 8-166(Amir Shahzad) 9-177(Justin Kavanagh Martin) 10-181(Farhan Ali Raja)
Longford 1 Bowling
Mehar Imran4119100
Husnain Raza7053000
Umar Sarfraz7029200
Danish Javed3016100
Waqas Fazil1020000
Sheraz Tariq4032200
Fadi Khan3015400

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20:31 @LongfordCricket: #cricketleinster #18743 @LongfordCricket March on winning by 150. Eight from eight!
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