Match Report

Division 16
Category: open
Saturday, 1st September, 2018
Venue: Newbridge Demesne
Swords 3
Balbriggan 4
Swords won by 8 wkts


Swords 3 Vs Balbriggan 4
Newbridge Demesne
1 Sep 2018, Start: 12:30 PM
Division 16, 1 Inns
Swords 3 won by 8 Wickets

Competition Points - Swords 3 24.00, Balbriggan 4 1.00
Balbriggan 4 Batting - Innings 1
1Rana Zamirb Ramesh Anand5000
2Muhammad Aminc&b Victor Antony Sebastian10000
3Jose O Carrollc Victor Antony Sebastian b Don Joy3000
4Conor Purduec Don Joy b Victor Antony Sebastian0000
5John Keelerb Basil George25000
6Terence Kiernanb Saju John0000
7Jack Walshc Basil George b Saju John0000
8Mick McDonnellb Basil George0000
9Tayyeb Hassan+b Basil George2000
10Druhan Knight*c Basil George b Girish Thankamani Rajan5000
11Lee McGeenot out 0000
extras (b0 lb0 w7 nb3)10 
  10 for 60(22.3 overs)
1-20(Rana Zamir) 2-20(Jose O Carroll) 3-21(Conor Purdue) 4-32(Muhammad Amin) 5-34(Terence Kiernan) 6-34(Jack Walsh) 7-53(John Keeler) 8-58(Mick McDonnell) 9-58(Tayyeb Hassan) 10-60(Druhan Knight)
Swords 3 Bowling
Ramesh Anand5017100
Victor Antony Sebastian4013200
Don Joy509100
Saju John4012200
Manoj Jacob204000
Basil George205300
Girish Thankamani Rajan0.300100
Swords 3 Batting - Innings 1
1Kiran Sakaria Pappachanb Lee McGee31000
2Eldhose Scarialbw b John Keeler11000
3Girish Thankamani Rajannot out 11000
4Bineesh Chackosil Bovasnot out 3000
5Basil Georgednb
6Don Joydnb
7Manoj Jacob*dnb
8Victor Antony Sebastiandnb
9Ramesh Ananddnb
10Saju John+dnb
11Sibu Josednb
extras (b0 lb0 w3 nb2)5 
  2 for 61(12.4 overs)
1-23(Eldhose Scaria) 2-55(Kiran Sakaria Pappachan)
Balbriggan 4 Bowling
John Keeler6.4024100
Conor Purdue3019000
Mick McDonnell2015000
Lee McGee103100
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