Match Report

Division 2
Category: open
Sunday, 26th August, 2018
Venue: Kenure
Rush 1
Balbriggan 1
Rush won by 18 runs

Match Report

Massive result for Rush who win by 18 runs.


Rush 1 Vs Balbriggan 1
26 Aug 2018, Start: 12 PM
Division 2, Pool Sen, 1 Inns
Umpires - Varun Walia, Joe Connolly
Scorers - Siobhan McBennett, Alan Richardson
Rush 1 won by 17 runs
Scorers: TBC

Toss won by Rush 1
Competition Points - Rush 1 22.00, Balbriggan 1 3.00
Rush 1 Batting - Innings 1
1Conor Armstronglbw b Timcen Maruma261900
2Stephen Dohenyc Adrian Harper b Timcen Maruma683900
3Allan Eastwoodc Kashif Ali b Emad Uddin71100
4Neil Rock*+st Connor Fletcher b Farooq Nasr9600
5Conor Mullenc Nathan Rooney b Farooq Nasr4600
6Saadat Gullnot out 281700
7Shahid Iqballbw b Timcen Maruma462100
8Subramanya Ramnathpurnot out 2300
9Nathan McGuirednb
10Alex Nearydnb
11Daniel Coffeydnb
extras (b1 lb0 w5 nb2)8 
  6 for 198(20.0 overs)
1-63(Conor Armstrong) 2-107(Stephen Doheny) 3-116(Allan Eastwood) 4-116(Neil Rock) 5-128(Conor Mullen) 6-189(Shahid Iqbal)
Balbriggan 1 Bowling
Kashif Ali3040010
Duane Harper3026010
Farooq Nasr4049210
Timcen Maruma4023300
Ehtesham Ahmed2029012
Emad Uddin4030110
Balbriggan 1 Batting - Innings 1
1Timcen Marumab Allan Eastwood18600
2Connor Fletcher+c Conor Armstrong b Daniel Coffey2300
3Farooq Nasrc Subramanya Ramnathpur b Daniel Coffey4600
4Nathan Rooneyc Neil Rock b Allan Eastwood633800
5Salman Azizrun out Neil Rock 604500
6Ehtesham Ahmedb Shahid Iqbal3400
7Emad Uddinc Allan Eastwood b Alex Neary3500
8Adrian Harpernot out Daniel Coffey 12700
9Abdul Samadrun out Daniel Coffey 2200
10Duane Harper*not out 10500
11Kashif Alidnb
extras (b0 lb0 w3 nb1)4 
  8 for 181(20.0 overs)
1-3(Timcen Maruma) 2-20(Connor Fletcher) 3-24(Farooq Nasr) 4-134(Nathan Rooney) 5-137(Ehtesham Ahmed) 6-156(Emad Uddin) 7-157(Salman Aziz) 8-159(Abdul Samad)
Rush 1 Bowling
Daniel Coffey4025200
Allan Eastwood4051211
Alex Neary4053120
Subramanya Ramnathpur4028000
Shahid Iqbal4024100

Archived Updates

Time Type Content
16:38 @RushCricketClub: RT @SMcBennett: @RushCricketClub Rush v Balbriggan will start. T20 at 1650. Rush won the toss and will bat. #cricketleinster #20190
16:38 @SMcBennett: @RushCricketClub Rush v Balbriggan will start. T20 at 1650. Rush won the toss and will bat. #cricketleinster #20190
18:15 @mattsheridan321: #cricketleinster #20190. @RushCricketClub finished on 198/6/20 @Balbriggancc
18:30 A scorecard has been added
18:31 @RushCricketClub: RT @mattsheridan321: #cricketleinster #20190. @RushCricketClub finished on 198/6/20 @Balbriggancc
19:19 @mattsheridan321: #cricketleinster #20190 @Balbriggancc chasing well . Now 126/3 in 14th. N Rooney 57 @RushCricketClub
19:50 @mattsheridan321: #cricketleinster #20190. @Balbriggancc finish on 180/7/20. Win for @RushCricketClub by 18 runs.
20:18 Massive result for Rush who win by 18 runs.
23:17 @RushCricketClub: RT @mattsheridan321: #cricketleinster #20190. @Balbriggancc finish on 180/7/20. Win for @RushCricketClub by 18 runs.
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