Match Report

Division 5
Category: open
Wednesday, 20th June, 2018
Venue: Kenure
Rush 2
Balbriggan 2
Rush won by 70 runs


Rush 2 Vs Balbriggan 2
20 Jun 2018, Start: 6 PM
Division 5, 1 Inns
Umpires - Philip Deacon, Peter Thew
Rush 2 won by 70 runs
Toss won by Rush 2
Competition Points - Rush 2 25.00, Balbriggan 2 0.00
Rush 2 Batting - Innings 1
1Eoin Sheehanc Justin Kavanagh Martin b Aidan Murray16030
2Nathan McGuire+c Abdul Samad b Eoin Birch20030
3Niall Mullenrun out Mel Mcgee 69074
4Alan Butterlyc Steven Harper b Syed Haris49043
5David Carthynot out 47061
6Daniel Coffey*not out 0000
7Aaron McGuirednb
8Jack McGeednb
9Daniel Thornednb
10Andrew Dohenydnb
11Nick Donnellydnb
extras (b0 lb6 w9 nb1)16 
  4 for 217(20.0 overs)
1-29(Eoin Sheehan) 2-69(Nathan McGuire) 3-127(Niall Mullen) 4-215(Alan Butterly)
Balbriggan 2 Bowling
Syed Haris4029121
Aidan Murray4062120
Eoin Birch3028130
Iftikhar Sabir1018020
Justin Kavanagh Martin4023000
Mel Mcgee4051000
Balbriggan 2 Batting - Innings 1
1Nathan Rooney+c Nathan McGuire b Daniel Coffey52055
2Justin Kavanagh Martin*b Aaron McGuire7010
3Abdul Samadrun out David Carthy 27021
4Iftikhar Sabirc David Carthy b Daniel Coffey1000
5Salman Azizc Daniel Thorne b Daniel Coffey2000
6Mel Mcgeeb Daniel Thorne11010
7Aidan Murrayst Nathan McGuire b Niall Mullen7010
8Steven Harperb Niall Mullen7010
9Amir Shahzadb Daniel Thorne9020
10Syed Harisc Daniel Thorne b Niall Mullen7010
11Eoin Birchnot out 1000
extras (b8 lb2 w6 nb0)16 
  10 for 147(18.0 overs)
1-59(Nathan Rooney) 2-70(Justin Kavanagh Martin) 3-79(Iftikhar Sabir) 4-98(Abdul Samad) 5-100(Salman Aziz) 6-117(Mel Mcgee) 7-128(Aidan Murray) 8-138(Amir Shahzad) 9-142(Steven Harper) 10-147(Syed Haris)
Rush 2 Bowling
Aaron McGuire3033100
Daniel Thorne3028200
Daniel Coffey4037300
Nick Donnelly4015010
Niall Mullen4024350

Archived Updates

Time Type Content
19:32 @mattsheridan321: #cricketleinster #20202. @RushCricketClub made 217/3/20. N.Mullen 67, A. Butterly 49. D.Carthy 47. Big total !! @Balbriggancc
20:20 @mattsheridan321: #cricketleinster #20202. @Balbriggancc chasing well.. 98/4/9 ...last wkt run out by fine throw by David Carthy @RushCricketClub
20:36 @mattsheridan321: #cricketleinster #20202. @Balbriggancc now 117/6/14. @RushCricketClub
20:52 @mattsheridan321: #cricketleinster #20202.In reply to @RushCricketClub total of 217 @Balbriggancc finish on 147. Win for Rush by 70 runs.
07:45 @RushCricketClub: RT @mattsheridan321: #cricketleinster #20202.In reply to @RushCricketClub total of 217 @Balbriggancc finish on 147. Win for Rush by 70 runs.
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