Match Report

Division 4
Category: open
Saturday, 22nd September, 2018
Venue: Kentstown
Knockharley 1
Laois 1
Knockharley won by 182 runs

Match Report

@TahirChoudhry10: #cricketleinster #21424 Kcc won by 182 runs


Knockharley 1 Vs Laois 1
22 Sep 2018, Start: 11:30 AM
Division 4, 1 Inns
Umpires - Feargus Boyle, Jeremy Jeffrey
Scorers - Stephen Wilson, Gordon Moynahan
Knockharley 1 won by 182 Runs
Toss won by Knockharley 1
Competition Points - Knockharley 1 25.00, Laois 1 0.00
Knockharley 1 Batting - Innings 1
1Emmett Craikb Jawad Amin19000
2Kamran Mirzalbw b Muhammad Akram0000
3Ovais Alic Jawad Amin b Muhammad Akram2000
4Joe Ingamells+c Muhammad Akram b Usama Raees14000
5Tahir Rasheedc Muhammad Akram b Ammar Atiq54000
6Mark Ingamelllbw b Kamran Sabrie37000
7Daneyaal Janjuanot out 91000
8Jack Condie*not out 41000
9Sohail Qaisardnb
10Ramiz Sohaildnb
11Ralph Condiednb
extras (b4 lb5 w23 nb2)34 
  6 for 292(50.0 overs)
1-2(Kamran Mirza) 2-24(Ovais Ali) 3-32(Emmett Craik) 4-72(Joe Ingamells) 5-122(Tahir Rasheed) 6-194(Mark Ingamell)
Laois 1 Bowling
Muhammad Akram10136200
Jawad Amin10074100
Usama Raees10077100
Kamran Sabrie10048100
Ammar Atiq5029100
William Blackley5019000
Laois 1 Batting - Innings 1
1Zubair Sheikhc Jack Condie b Sohail Qaisar11000
2Kamran Sabriec Joe Ingamells b Jack Condie6000
3Usama Raeesc Jack Condie b Sohail Qaisar0000
4Paul Crokeb Daneyaal Janjua14000
5Jawad Aminb Jack Condie0000
6William Blackleyc Kamran Mirza b Ramiz Sohail4000
7Muhammad Akramb Daneyaal Janjua6000
8Abdul Basitc Jack Condie b Daneyaal Janjua18000
9Ammar Atiqnot out 4000
10Fintan Moorec Joe Ingamells b Sohail Qaisar19000
11Daniel Monk*+b Jack Condie11000
extras (b2 lb1 w14 nb0)17 
  10 for 110(35.3 overs)
1-16(Zubair Sheikh) 2-20(Kamran Sabrie) 3-26(Usama Raees) 4-30(Jawad Amin) 5-46(William Blackley) 6-53(Paul Croke) 7-63(Muhammad Akram) 8-75(Abdul Basit) 9-99(Fintan Moore) 10-110(Daniel Monk)
Knockharley 1 Bowling
Sohail Qaisar*+10227300
Jack Condie*+5.3126300
Ramiz Sohail*+4017100
Daneyaal Janjua*+5114300
Kamran Mirza*+854000
Ralph Condie*+3019000

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14:10 @TahirChoudhry10: #cricketleinster #21424 Kcc won toss & batting 171/5 in 35
14:58 @TahirChoudhry10: #cricketleinster #21424 Kcc 292/5 innings break
18:24 @TahirChoudhry10: #cricketleinster #21424 Kcc won by 182 runs
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