Match Report

Division 16
Category: open
Sunday, 9th September, 2018
Venue: Jack Harper Memorial Ground
Balbriggan 4
Civil Service 4
Civil Service won by 14 runs


Balbriggan 4 Vs Civil Service 4
Jack Harper Memorial
9 Sep 2018, Start: 12:30 PM
Division 16, 1 Inns
Civil Service 4 won by 14 Runs
Unregistered player for Balbriggan is Jesse Makris

Toss won by Civil Service 4
Competition Points - Balbriggan 4 5.00, Civil Service 4 20.00
Civil Service 4 Batting - Innings 1
1Baajeerao Dabhadec John Keeler b Steven Anderson13000
2Ahmad Khalid*+lbw b Mick McDonnell38000
3Nabeel Andrabic John Keeler b Mick McDonnell17000
4Muhammad Farazc Jose O Carroll b Mick McDonnell7000
5Sharath Kurupc Steven Anderson b Lee McGee42000
6Tara Byrneb John Keeler10000
7Inayat ur Rehmanb Steven Anderson22000
8Vijesh Kannothb Steven Anderson0000
9Forhad Hossainb Steven Anderson5000
10Abdul Sammadnot out 3000
11Tony Connellnot out 1000
extras (b5 lb2 w4 nb6)17 
  9 for 175(40.0 overs)
1-65(Baajeerao Dabhade) 2-67(Nabeel Andrabi) 3-73(Muhammad Faraz) 4-85(Ahmad Khalid) 5-117(Tara Byrne) 6-162(Inayat ur Rehman) 7-162(Vijesh Kannoth) 8-167(Forhad Hossain) 9-167(Sharath Kurup)
Balbriggan 4 Bowling
Lee McGee6032100
Steven Anderson8033400
Player Unregistered4021000
Mick McDonnell6028300
John Keeler8017100
Druhan Knight3014000
Terence Kiernan5023000
Balbriggan 4 Batting - Innings 1
1Muhammad Aminc Nabeel Andrabi b Vijesh Kannoth37000
2John Keeler*c Baajeerao Dabhade b Nabeel Andrabi47000
3Mick McDonnellc Tara Byrne b Vijesh Kannoth13000
4Jose O Carroll+b Vijesh Kannoth0000
5Gary Dunphyb Nabeel Andrabi26000
6Druhan Knightb Abdul Sammad6000
7Lee McGeec Baajeerao Dabhade b Nabeel Andrabi3000
8Steven Andersonc Muhammad Faraz b Nabeel Andrabi8000
9Terence Kiernanc Forhad Hossain b Abdul Sammad1000
10Jack Walshb Abdul Sammad0000
11Player Unregisterednot out 3000
extras (b1 lb3 w12 nb1)17 
  10 for 161(37.3 overs)
1-69(Muhammad Amin) 2-95(Mick McDonnell) 3-95(Jose O Carroll) 4-136(John Keeler) 5-143(Gary Dunphy) 6-147(Druhan Knight) 7-151(Lee McGee) 8-152(Terence Kiernan) 9-152(Jack Walsh) 10-161(Steven Anderson)
Civil Service 4 Bowling
Abdul Sammad8024300
Forhad Hossain4021000
Inayat ur Rehman4024000
Muhammad Faraz8033000
Vijesh Kannoth7022300
Tony Connell1020000
Nabeel Andrabi5.3013400
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