Match Report

Division 2
Category: open
Saturday, 8th September, 2018
Venue: Jack Harper Memorial Ground
Balbriggan 1
Malahide 1
Malahide won by 57 runs

Match Report

@merrycric: #cricketleinster #20044 @MalahideCC Win by 57. The perfect 11. Well played team


Balbriggan 1 Vs Malahide 1
Jack Harper Memorial
8 Sep 2018, Start: 12 PM
Division 2, Pool Sen, 1 Inns
Umpires - Jeremy Jeffrey, Conor McElhinney
Scorers - Alan Richardson, Lorraine McKeaney
Malahide 1 won by 57 Runs
Toss won by Balbriggan 1
Competition Points - Balbriggan 1 3.00, Malahide 1 22.00
Malahide 1 Batting - Innings 1
1Alan Reynoldsc Adam Keefe b Duane Harper61210
2Arjun Munthalbw b Kashif Ali91201
3Anish Desairun out Adam Keefe b Duane Harper7711340
4Greg Fordb Farooq Nasr122320
5Matt Fordb Timcen Maruma1079896
6Fintan Mc Allister*+not out 212220
7James Newlandc Timcen Maruma b Duane Harper3900
8Agnibesh Paulnot out 131300
9Neil Boynednb
10Keith Reynoldsdnb
11David O'Hallorandnb
extras (b0 lb4 w9 nb2)15 
  6 for 263(50.0 overs)
1-12(Alan Reynolds) 2-18(Arjun Muntha) 3-41(Greg Ford) 4-210(Matt Ford) 5-227(Anish Desai) 6-235(James Newland)
Balbriggan 1 Bowling
Duane Harper8032210
Kashif Ali10047100
Farooq Nasr8051100
Ehtesham Ahmed10053000
Timcen Maruma9040120
Eoin Birch5036022
Balbriggan 1 Batting - Innings 1
1Connor Fletcherc David O'Halloran b James Newland31200
2Salman Azizc Anish Desai b James Newland01400
3Farooq Nasrc Fintan Mc Allister b James Newland0700
4Timcen Marumab Matt Ford1600
5Nathan Rooneyc Fintan Mc Allister b Anish Desai9075104
6Ehtesham Ahmedc Matt Ford b Neil Boyne41110
7Adam Keefe+c David O'Halloran b Agnibesh Paul192720
8Adrian Harperb Keith Reynolds374950
9Duane Harper*c Greg Ford b Neil Boyne233630
10Kashif Alib Anish Desai0600
11Eoin Birchnot out 112810
extras (b3 lb0 w14 nb1)18 
  10 for 206(45.0 overs)
1-3(Connor Fletcher) 2-7(Farooq Nasr) 3-8(Timcen Maruma) 4-8(Salman Aziz) 5-21(Ehtesham Ahmed) 6-91(Adam Keefe) 7-154(Nathan Rooney) 8-170(Adrian Harper) 9-172(Kashif Ali) 10-206(Duane Harper)
Malahide 1 Bowling
Matt Ford836100
James Newland7225320
Neil Boyne9051230
Anish Desai8046210
Agnibesh Paul3022120
Keith Reynolds7043121
David O'Halloran3010010

Archived Updates

Time Type Content
12:07 Balbriggan win the toss and are bowling.
12:58 @justinmalahide: @MalahideCC 28/2/8 in Balbriggan #cricketleinster #20044
14:22 Malahide 177/3 off 36 overs (Matt Ford 98*, Anish Desai 51*)
14:14 Malahide 119/3 off 25 overs.
15:39 @merrycric: #cricketleinster #20044 @MalahideCC 263 6 50 M Ford a ton. Desai 70
15:52 @MalahideCC: RT @merrycric: #cricketleinster #20044 @MalahideCC 263 6 50 M Ford a ton. Desai 70
17:14 @merrycric: #cricketleinster #20044 Balbriggan 31 5 11. Light drizzle now. Not a game yet.
18:02 @merrycric: #cricketleinster #20044 Bal 131 6 25. Not raining
18:02 @fibrofella: The rain has eased but still in the air a little as Iqbal smashes a 6 over the backward point boundary, Rush 137/5…
19:23 @merrycric: #cricketleinster #20044 @MalahideCC Win by 57. The perfect 11. Well played team
19:23 @merrycric: #cricketleinster #20044 @MalahideCC Win by 57. The perfect 11. Well played team
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