Match Report

Division 10
Category: open
Saturday, 4th August, 2018
Venue: Jack Harper Memorial Ground
Balbriggan 3
Mullingar 2
Balbriggan won by 186 runs


Balbriggan 3 Vs Mullingar 2
Jack Harper Memorial
4 Aug 2018, Start: 1 PM
Division 10, 1 Inns
Balbriggan 3 won by 186 runs
Toss won by Mullingar 2
Competition Points - Balbriggan 3 25.00, Mullingar 2 0.00
Balbriggan 3 Batting - Innings 1
1Niall McElearneyc Sean Glennon b Stephen Pulbrook20001
2Farhan Ali Rajab Bilal Amam Rind Baloch790102
3Waleed Iqbal+c Yasir Iqbal b Craig Sweeney46015
4Tayyeb Hassan*b Stephen Pulbrook30040
5Amir Shahzadb Stephen Pulbrook31051
6Steven Harperc Bilal Amam Rind Baloch b Yasir Iqbal5000
7John Keelerc Robert Delaney b Conor Mount10010
8Kashif Qazinot out 36023
9Noman Maqsoodb Kashif Qazi7010
10Iftikhar Sabirnot out 13002
11Conor Purduednb
extras (b10 lb5 w16 nb2)33 
  8 for 310(40.0 overs)
1-97(Niall McElearney) 2-125(Farhan Ali Raja) 3-172(Waleed Iqbal) 4-222(Amir Shahzad) 5-234(Tayyeb Hassan) 6-236(Steven Harper) 7-254(John Keeler) 8-291(Noman Maqsood)
Mullingar 2 Bowling
Craig Sweeney8065162
Conor Mount7049110
Stephen Pulbrook8055310
Bilal Amam Rind Baloch8051120
Kashif Qazi5030120
Yasir Iqbal4045140
Mullingar 2 Batting - Innings 1
1Stephen Pulbrookb Noman Maqsood5010
2Sean Glennon+c Niall McElearney b Iftikhar Sabir14010
3Craig Sweeneyc Tayyeb Hassan b Noman Maqsood9010
4Robert Delaney*c Tayyeb Hassan b Noman Maqsood14011
5Bilal Amam Rind Balochlbw b Kashif Qazi2000
6Ollie Fieldc Waleed Iqbal b Kashif Qazi22021
7Ahsan Matloobc Tayyeb Hassan b Iftikhar Sabir3000
8Kashif Qazirun out Amir Shahzad b Iftikhar Sabir4000
9Yasir Iqbalnot out 20010
10Andrew McDunphyb Noman Maqsood8010
11Conor Mountc Tayyeb Hassan b Conor Purdue1000
extras (b7 lb0 w11 nb4)22 
  10 for 124(29.1 overs)
1-6(Stephen Pulbrook) 2-22(Craig Sweeney) 3-41(Robert Delaney) 4-49(Bilal Amam Rind Baloch) 5-85(Sean Glennon) 6-85(Ollie Field) 7-91(Ahsan Matloob) 8-110(Kashif Qazi) 9-125(Andrew McDunphy) 10-126(Conor Mount)
Balbriggan 3 Bowling
Noman Maqsood6127402
Conor Purdue4.1012100
Kashif Qazi6127250
Iftikhar Sabir6019240
Steven Harper4017012
Amir Shahzad3015010
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