Match Report

Division 2
Category: open
Saturday, 14th July, 2018
Venue: Jack Harper Memorial Ground
Balbriggan 1
Rush 1
Rush won by 6 wkts

Match Report

@RushCricketClub: RT @mattsheridan321: #cricketleinster #19107. Successful run chase by @RushCricketClub . S Doheny 142, C.Armstrong 62, N.Rock 52 and C.Mull…


Balbriggan 1 Vs Rush 1
Jack Harper Memorial
14 Jul 2018, Start: 12 PM
Division 2, Pool Sen, 1 Inns
Umpires - Martin Block, Jamie Matthews
Scorers - Alan Richardson, Siobhan McBennett
Rush 1 won by 6 Wickets
Toss won by Balbriggan 1
Competition Points - Balbriggan 1 2.00, Rush 1 23.00
Balbriggan 1 Batting - Innings 1
1Connor Fletcherb Alex Neary213630
2Adrian Harperc Neil Rock b Allan Eastwood2600
3Farooq Nasrlbw b Alex Neary483690
4Timcen Marumac Daniel Coffey b Allan Eastwood125117132
5Adam Keefe+b Aaron McGuire172320
6Nathan Rooney*b Stephen Doheny635035
7Ehtesham Ahmedc&b Stephen Doheny Stephen Doheny231830
8Abdul Samadc Daniel Coffey b Stephen Doheny2300
9Kashif Alib Stephen Doheny1400
10Aidan Murraylbw b Stephen Doheny1200
11Syed Harisnot out 0000
extras (b2 lb3 w16 nb2)23 
  10 for 326(48.3 overs)
1-15(Adrian Harper) 2-77(Connor Fletcher) 3-92(Farooq Nasr) 4-141(Adam Keefe) 5-267(Nathan Rooney) 6-318(Ehtesham Ahmed) 7-321(Timcen Maruma) 8-325(Kashif Ali) 9-326(Abdul Samad) 10-326(Aidan Murray)
Rush 1 Bowling
Allan Eastwood9064262
Daniel Coffey10065010
Alex Neary7056210
Shahid Iqbal10153020
Aaron McGuire6033110
Stephen Doheny6.5050500
Rush 1 Batting - Innings 1
1Conor Armstrongst Adam Keefe b Aidan Murray626580
2Stephen Dohenyb Ehtesham Ahmed142130114
3Conor Mullenc Adam Keefe b Syed Haris413942
4Neil Rock*+c Adam Keefe b Aidan Murray574661
5Shahid Iqbalnot out 4510
6Prashanth Viswanathnot out 4200
7Allan Eastwooddnb
8Daniel Coffeydnb
9Aaron McGuirednb
10Nathan McGuirednb
11Alex Nearydnb
extras (b4 lb0 w9 nb4)17 
  4 for 327(47.0 overs)
1-113(Conor Armstrong) 2-193(Conor Mullen) 3-319(Neil Rock) 4-323(Stephen Doheny)
Balbriggan 1 Bowling
Ehtesham Ahmed9051100
Kashif Ali8.1073051
Syed Haris7049131
Aidan Murray10158201
Farooq Nasr9054001
Timcen Maruma3025000
Abdul Samad1013000

Archived Updates

Time Type Content
11:51 @SMcBennett: Balbriggan won the toss & will bat @RushCricketClub #CricketLeinster #19107
12:39 @RushCricketClub: RT @SMcBennett: Balbriggan won the toss & will bat @RushCricketClub #CricketLeinster #19107
12:39 @keysh22: @Cork_CountyCC is there any updates on the Match this afternoon?? also is there a live score? #mccontour #cricketleinster
13:31 Balbriggan 104/3 off 17. Wickets for Neary [2] and Eastwood. Naser 48.
13:58 @mattsheridan321: #cricketleinster #19107 Balb now 142/4/25 @RushCricketClub
14:14 @damobyrne71024: #cricketleinster #19107 170/4 off 30
14:46 @damobyrne71024: #cricketleinster #19107 239/4 off 37
15:02 @damobyrne71024: #cricketleinster #19107 Balbriggan 293 for 5 off 44 , Maruma 101* , Rooney 63 , Farooq 49
15:34 @damobyrne71024: #cricketleinster #19107 Balbriggan 327 all out
15:34 @railwaycricket: Rebirth of Railway 5th XI for the Minor 2 Cup in @goreycricket mix of youth and experience. RU 214 for 6 from 40 ov…
17:59 @damobyrne71024: #cricketleinster #19107 Rush 144/1 off 25 , looks like it will be tight
19:36 @mattsheridan321: #cricketleinster #19107. Successful run chase by @RushCricketClub . S Doheny 142, C.Armstrong 62, N.Rock 52 and C.M…
19:49 @RushCricketClub: RT @mattsheridan321: #cricketleinster #19107. Successful run chase by @RushCricketClub . S Doheny 142, C.Armstrong 62, N.Rock 52 and C.Mull…
23:53 @debsrock1974: RT @mattsheridan321: #cricketleinster #19107. Successful run chase by @RushCricketClub . S Doheny 142, C.Armstrong 62, N.Rock 52 and C.Mull…
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