Match Report

Division 16
Category: open
Tuesday, 26th June, 2018
Venue: Jack Harper Memorial Ground
Balbriggan 4
Clondalkin 2
Balbriggan won by 7 wkts


Balbriggan 4 Vs Clondalkin 2
Jack Harper Memorial
26 Jun 2018, Start: 6 PM
Division 16, 1 Inns
Umpires - Gyan Bharti
Balbriggan 4 won by 7 wickets
Clondalkin only had 10 players

Toss won by Clondalkin 2
Competition Points - Balbriggan 4 24.00, Clondalkin 2 1.00
Clondalkin 2 Batting - Innings 1
1Mohammed Mostofa*b Conor Purdue2000
2Hossain Ahmedb Iftikhar Sabir27000
3Muhammad Umerc Jose O Carroll b Steven Harper4000
4Syfuzzaman Khanc Steven Harper b John Keeler14000
5Wahed Ferdous+run out Farhan Ali Raja b Steven Harper40000
6Manik Moniruzzamanb John Keeler11000
7Munir Khanb Farhan Ali Raja4000
8Abu Bakkarc Salman Aziz b Farhan Ali Raja2000
9Nurujjaman Khannot out 8000
10Hammad Khanb Farhan Ali Raja8000
extras (b3 lb5 w5 nb5)18 
  9 for 138(19.3 overs)
1-9(Mohammed Mostofa) 2-20(Muhammad Umer) 3-65(Syfuzzaman Khan) 4-80(Hossain Ahmed) 5-105(Manik Moniruzzaman) 6-110(Munir Khan)
Balbriggan 4 Bowling
Iftikhar Sabir3019100
Conor Purdue4028100
Druhan Knight2023000
John Keeler4027200
Steven Harper4019100
Farhan Ali Raja2.3014300
Balbriggan 4 Batting - Innings 1
1Rana Zamirrun out Nurujjaman Khan 30000
2Farhan Ali Rajalbw b Nurujjaman Khan25000
3Salman Aziznot out 39000
4Jose O Carrollb Manik Moniruzzaman0000
5Jawad Hussainnot out 27000
6Conor Purduednb
7John Keeler*dnb
8Steven Harperdnb
9Iftikhar Sabirdnb
10Druhan Knightdnb
11Kashif Qazi+dnb
extras (b0 lb0 w14 nb4)18 
  3 for 139(15.0 overs)
1-31(Farhan Ali Raja) 2-85(Rana Zamir) 3-86(Jose O Carroll)
Clondalkin 2 Bowling
Syfuzzaman Khan+208000
Nurujjaman Khan+4038100
Munir Khan+2021000
Muhammad Umer+3030000
Manik Moniruzzaman+3035100
Abu Bakkar+107000
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