Match Report

Division 16
Category: open
Sunday, 22nd April, 2018
Venue: Ringcommons
Balbriggan 4
Ringcommons 2
Ringcommons won by 2 wkts

Match Report

@darylpaul86: Ringcommons win by 2 wickets #cricketleinster #18836


Balbriggan 4 Vs Ringcommons 2
22 Apr 2018, Start: 12 AM
Division 16, 1 Inns
Umpires - , Jeremy Jeffrey
Ringcommons 2 won by 2 wkts
Unregstered Player for Balbriggan - Druhan Knight (5 point penalty)

Toss won by Balbriggan 4
Competition Points - Balbriggan 4 -1.00, Ringcommons 2 21.00
Balbriggan 4 Batting - Innings 1
1Rana Zamirb Ali Syed6000
2Muhammad Aminb Daryl Clarke0000
3Iftikhar Sabir*b Rafael Evans6000
4Eoin Birchb Rafael Evans0000
5Steven Harperb Ali Syed3000
6Mick McDonnellb Jim Warren3000
7Chris McMahon+lbw b Jim Warren4000
8John Keelerb Jedd Sweetman12000
9Terence Kiernanb Jedd Sweetman3000
10Druhan Knightnot out 3000
11Shahbaz Mustafab Jedd Sweetman4000
extras (b3 lb0 w13 nb0)16 
  10 for 60(28.1 overs)
1-7(Muhammad Amin) 2-18(Iftikhar Sabir) 3-24(Eoin Birch) 4-30(Rana Zamir) 5-31(Mick McDonnell) 6-40(Steven Harper) 7-49(Chris McMahon) 8-53(John Keeler) 9-60(Terence Kiernan) 10-60(Shahbaz Mustafa)
Ringcommons 2 Bowling
Daryl Clarke526100
Rafael Evans5011200
Ali Syed6020200
Jim Warren533200
Malik Shahzad Ahmad Awan4013000
Jedd Sweetman3.104300
Ringcommons 2 Batting - Innings 1
1Delane Brownrun out Iftikhar Sabir b Eoin Birch3000
2Peter Murtaghb Eoin Birch0000
3Jack Flynn+c Shahbaz Mustafa b Eoin Birch0000
4Ali Syedb Iftikhar Sabir2000
5Daryl Clarkec Eoin Birch b John Keeler4000
6Stephen Jonesb Iftikhar Sabir3000
7Jim Warrennot out 27000
8Jedd Sweetmanb John Keeler3000
9Rafael Evanslbw b John Keeler0000
10Malik Shahzad Ahmad Awan*not out 13000
11Martin Moorednb
extras (b2 lb1 w3 nb0)6 
  8 for 61(24.1 overs)
1-2(Delane Brown) 2-2(Peter Murtagh) 3-3(Ali Syed) 4-4(Jack Flynn) 5-7(Stephen Jones) 6-11(Daryl Clarke) 7-14(Jedd Sweetman) 8-21(Rafael Evans)
Balbriggan 4 Bowling
Eoin Birch634200
Iftikhar Sabir8311200
John Keeler4211300
Shahbaz Mustafa4016000
Steven Harper2011000
Druhan Knight0.205000

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