Match Report

Division 13
Category: open
Sunday, 23rd September, 2018
Venue: Greystones - Druids Glen
Greystones 2
Wicklow County 2
Greystones won by 16 runs

Match Report

@wicklowcricket2: Wicklow 161 all out. M.Sisley 47, S.Sheldon 36 #cricketleinster #21461


Wicklow County 2 Vs Greystones 2
Presentation Bray
23 Sep 2018, Start: 12:30 PM
Division 13, 1 Inns
Greystones 2 won by 16 runs
Toss won by Greystones 2
Competition Points - Wicklow County 2 5.00, Greystones 2 20.00
Greystones 2 Batting - Innings 1
1Daniel Joyce+b Sashi Kanth18000
2Mirwais Nawabzaic Mark Doyle b Sashi Kanth54000
3Ashley Kemptonrun out Thejas Sreedharan 4000
4Ian Smalelbw b Khalid Chaudhary22000
5David Cavanaghc Niall Clifton b Sashi Kanth0000
6Luke Mascarenhaslbw b Frank Lonergan28000
7Arun Vermanot out 19000
8Thorfinn Newton*st Niall Clifton b Khalid Chaudhary11000
9Vijay Ashokannot out 6000
10Ismail Ibrahimdnb
11Andrew Reynoldsdnb
extras (b6 lb2 w8 nb3)19 
  7 for 181(35.0 overs)
1-79(Daniel Joyce) 2-84(Mirwais Nawabzai) 3-88(Ashley Kempton) 4-91(David Cavanagh) 5-135(Luke Mascarenhas) 6-152(Ian Smale) 7-174(Thorfinn Newton)
Wicklow County 2 Bowling
Matthew Sisley6034000
Shawaiz Chaudhary5029000
Thejas Sreedharan7122000
Sashi Kanth7120300
Frank Lonergan4016100
Khalid Chaudhary6052200
Wicklow County 2 Batting - Innings 1
1Niall Clifton+b Andrew Reynolds11000
2Thejas Sreedharanc Ashley Kempton b Andrew Reynolds26000
3Matthew Sisley*b Vijay Ashokan47000
4Stephen Sheldonrun out Mirwais Nawabzai b Mirwais Nawabzai36000
5Khalid Chaudharyb Vijay Ashokan28000
6Mark Doyleb Vijay Ashokan2000
7John Joycec Daniel Joyce b Vijay Ashokan0000
8Robert Hoganb Mirwais Nawabzai1000
9Sashi Kanthb Vijay Ashokan0000
10Frank Lonergannot out 0000
11Shawaiz Chaudharydnb
extras (b6 lb0 w7 nb1)14 
  9 for 165(34.0 overs)
1-35(Niall Clifton) 2-42(Thejas Sreedharan) 3-119(Matthew Sisley) 4-150(Stephen Sheldon) 5-160(Mark Doyle) 6-160(John Joyce) 7-163(Robert Hogan) 8-165(Khalid Chaudhary) 9-165(Sashi Kanth)
Greystones 2 Bowling
Thorfinn Newton4021000
Andrew Reynolds6026200
Arun Verma6122000
Ismail Ibrahim4029000
Vijay Ashokan7028500
Luke Mascarenhas4023000
Mirwais Nawabzai3010100

Archived Updates

Time Type Content
16:20 @wicklowcricket2: Greystones 181/ 8 in 35 overs. S.Kanth 4 wkts, K.Chaudhary 2, F.Lonargan 1 #cricketleinster #21461
20:19 @wicklowcricket2: Wicklow 161 all out. M.Sisley 47, S.Sheldon 36 #cricketleinster #21461
18:43 @wicklowcricket2: Wicklow 161 all out. M.Sisley 47, S.Sheldon 36 #cricketleinster #21461
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