Match Report

Division 13
Category: open
Saturday, 22nd September, 2018
Venue: Greystones - Druids Glen
Greystones 2
Terenure 3
Greystones won by 3 wkts

Match Report

Greystones won by 3 wickets


Greystones 2 Vs Terenure 3
Greystones - Druids
22 Sep 2018, Start: 12:30 PM
Division 13, 1 Inns
Greystones 2 won by 3 wickets
Admin note: Needs confirmation Greystones Cian Reynolds was bowler 3 (and not Colm Hatton)

Toss won by Terenure 3
Competition Points - Greystones 2 22.00, Terenure 3 3.00
Terenure 3 Batting - Innings 1
1Sidharth Nair*c Thorfinn Newton b Luke Mascarenhas71000
2David Lusbyb Vijay Ashokan1000
3Keshav Bhagwatic David Drane b Cian Reynolds10000
4Nitin Mogarerun out Luke Mascarenhas 0000
5David Johnstonc Daniel Joyce b Ismail Ibrahim23000
6Ryan Smithb Martin Potts8000
7James Hanrahanc&b Ismail Ibrahim19000
8Tom Webb+b Ismail Ibrahim11000
9Sathish Ayyappathnot out 2000
10Dan Lynchc Luke Mascarenhas b Vijay Ashokan0000
extras (b8 lb0 w16 nb9)33 
  9 for 178(40.0 overs)
1-14(David Lusby) 2-68(Keshav Bhagwati) 3-74(Nitin Mogare) 4-98(Sidharth Nair) 5-119(Ryan Smith) 6-156(James Hanrahan) 7-170(Tom Webb) 8-174(David Johnston) 9-178(Dan Lynch)
Greystones 2 Bowling
Andrew Reynolds3021000
Vijay Ashokan7032200
Cian Reynolds4026100
Simon Davey8123000
Thorfinn Newton2015000
Luke Mascarenhas5015100
Martin Potts5016100
Ismail Ibrahim6022300
Greystones 2 Batting - Innings 1
1Daniel Joyce+b Nitin Mogare1000
2Simon Daveyrun out David Lusby b David Lusby33000
3David Dranec James Hanrahan b Keshav Bhagwati62000
4Luke Mascarenhasb Keshav Bhagwati17000
5Thorfinn Newton*b Keshav Bhagwati15000
6Andrew Reynoldsb Keshav Bhagwati10000
7Martin Pottsnot out 19000
8Ismail Ibrahimlbw b Sathish Ayyappath0000
9Vijay Ashokannot out 5000
10Cian Reynoldsdnb
11Colm Hattondnb
extras (b2 lb1 w10 nb4)17 
  7 for 179(37.0 overs)
1-8(Daniel Joyce) 2-99(Simon Davey) 3-135(David Drane) 4-139(Luke Mascarenhas) 5-155(Andrew Reynolds) 6-158(Thorfinn Newton) 7-162(Ismail Ibrahim)
Terenure 3 Bowling
Sidharth Nair8020000
Nitin Mogare8035100
David Lusby8043000
David Johnston3031000
Sathish Ayyappath2020100
Keshav Bhagwati8127400

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19:41 Greystones won by 3 wickets
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