Match Report

Division 9
Category: open
Sunday, 23rd September, 2018
Venue: Dromiskin
Dundalk 1
Carlow 1
Dundalk won by 4 runs


Dundalk 1 Vs Carlow 1
23 Sep 2018, Start: 12:30 PM
Division 9, 1 Inns
Dundalk 1 won by 4 runs
Competition Points - Dundalk 1 20.00, Carlow 1 5.00
Dundalk 1 Batting - Innings 1
1Muhammad Mudassar Zahidc Robi Alam b Robi Alam8000
2Jiwan Jodhanic Robi Alam b Robi Alam6000
3Glenn Armstrongc Robi Alam b Robi Alam5000
4Brent Higginbothamlbw b Nanda Kishore Kannadiparambu19000
5Madassar Rafiqueb Vishnu Vardhan Reddy Yannam4000
6Syed Ibnan Shahb Nanda Kishore Kannadiparambu30000
7Andrew Williams*b Sairam Mangisetty8000
8Santhoshkumar Narivelilsivaraman c Santosh Deeti b Santosh Deeti6000
9Vishva Nagappanb Sairam Mangisetty0000
10Seamus McDermottnot out 3000
11Gerard McKeeverc Santosh Deeti b Santosh Deeti0000
extras (b5 lb3 w2 nb6)16 
  10 for 105(27.0 overs)
1-14(Muhammad Mudassar Zahid) 2-14(Jiwan Jodhani) 3-19(Glenn Armstrong) 4-38(Brent Higginbotham) 5-42(Madassar Rafique) 6-72(Syed Ibnan Shah) 7-80(Andrew Williams) 8-86(Santhoshkumar Narivelilsivaraman ) 9-95(Vishva Nagappan) 10-105(Gerard McKeever)
Carlow 1 Bowling
Vishnu Vardhan Reddy Yannam7122100
Robi Alam409300
Kiran Thokala104000
Bhargava Doma5012000
Nanda Kishore Kannadiparambu4027200
Sairam Mangisetty4020200
Santosh Deeti203200
Carlow 1 Batting - Innings 1
1Santosh Deetib Andrew Williams16000
2Gautham Rajkumarc Syed Ibnan Shah b Syed Ibnan Shah5000
3Gurpreet Singhlbw b Syed Ibnan Shah0000
4Vishnu Vardhan Reddy Yannam*c Muhammad Mudassar Zahid b Muhammad Mudassar Zahid12000
5Sairam Mangisetty+b Muhammad Mudassar Zahid4000
6Bhargava Domanot out 26000
7Robi Alamb Madassar Rafique6000
8Harsha Chowdaryb Syed Ibnan Shah5000
9Nanda Kishore Kannadiparambub Muhammad Mudassar Zahid6000
10Kiran Thokalab Brent Higginbotham0000
extras (b7 lb0 w14 nb0)21 
  9 for 101(33.0 overs)
1-19(Santosh Deeti) 2-19(Gautham Rajkumar) 3-35(Gurpreet Singh) 4-39(Vishnu Vardhan Reddy Yannam) 5-40(Sairam Mangisetty) 6-50(Robi Alam) 7-88(Harsha Chowdary) 8-100(Nanda Kishore Kannadiparambu) 9-103(Kiran Thokala)
Dundalk 1 Bowling
Syed Ibnan Shah7221300
Andrew Williams7223100
Muhammad Mudassar Zahid7215300
Madassar Rafique7015100
Brent Higginbotham5014100
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