Match Report

Division 10
Category: open
Saturday, 22nd September, 2018
Venue: Corkagh Park 1
Adamstown 3
Mullingar 2
Adamstown won by 9 wkts

Match Report

@ACC_Cricket: #cricketleinster #20091 Big win and brilliant finish for the season for @ACC_Cricket 3rds. Mullingar 134ao. Avanish…


Adamstown 3 Vs Mullingar 2
Corkagh Park 1
22 Sep 2018, Start: 12:30 PM
Division 10, 1 Inns
Adamstown 3 won by 9 Wickets
* Mullingar2 Played with 10 Players

* Match reduced to 35 over due to weather condition

Toss won by Mullingar 2
Competition Points - Adamstown 3 25.00, Mullingar 2 0.00
Mullingar 2 Batting - Innings 1
1Kyle Gavinc Shiva Katta b Sunny Sehrwat24040
2Sean Glennon+c Shiva Katta b Avanish Anand29011
3PJ Mountc Vinay Kumar b Avanish Anand10010
4Ahsan Matloobc Aman Sangwan b Avanish Anand16020
5Robert Delaney*c Muhammed Ahmed Memon b Avanish Anand0000
6Riju Vargheseb Amandeep Matharoo19020
7Shahzaib Baigc Hamza Moinuddin b Avanish Anand5000
8Craig Sweeneyrun out Amandeep Matharoo b Sunny Sehrwat7010
9Conor Kellynot out 1000
10Conor Mountb Amandeep Matharoo0000
extras (b5 lb5 w12 nb2)24 
  9 for 135(32.3 overs)
1-41(Kyle Gavin) 2-57(PJ Mount) 3-89(Sean Glennon) 4-89(Robert Delaney) 5-96(Ahsan Matloob) 6-108(Shahzaib Baig) 7-125(Riju Varghese) 8-131(Craig Sweeney) 9-135(Conor Mount)
Adamstown 3 Bowling
Amandeep Matharoo6.3125200
Muhammed Ahmed Memon319000
Hamza Moinuddin105000
Sunny Sehrwat5125100
Sunil Parashar3010000
Avanish Anand7028500
Aman Sangwan7023000
Adamstown 3 Batting - Innings 1
1Sunil Parasharlbw b Conor Mount5000
2Varun Neginot out 51051
3Shiva Katta+not out 51061
4Vinay Kumardnb
5Amandeep Matharoodnb
6Hamza Moinuddindnb
7Aman Sangwan*dnb
8Sunny Sehrwatdnb
9Mayank Chauhandnb
10Avanish Ananddnb
11Muhammed Ahmed Memondnb
extras (b6 lb4 w19 nb0)29 
  1 for 136(26.0 overs)
1-9(Sunil Parashar)
Mullingar 2 Bowling
Craig Sweeney7135000
Conor Mount7212100
PJ Mount4024000
Robert Delaney2019000
Conor Kelly4025000
Shahzaib Baig2011000

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18:24 @ACC_Cricket: #cricketleinster #20091 Big win and brilliant finish for the season for @ACC_Cricket 3rds. Mullingar 134ao. Avanish…
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