Match Report

Division 10
Category: open
Saturday, 15th September, 2018
Venue: Corkagh Park 1
Adamstown 3
Balbriggan 3
Adamstown won by 4 wkts

Match Report

@ACC_Cricket: #cricketleinster #20090 Adamstown 3rds win by 4 wickets here


Adamstown 3 Vs Balbriggan 3
Corkagh Park 1
15 Sep 2018, Start: 12:30 PM
Division 10, 1 Inns
Adamstown 3 won by 4 wickets
Toss won by Balbriggan 3
Competition Points - Adamstown 3 22.00, Balbriggan 3 3.00
Balbriggan 3 Batting - Innings 1
1Salman Azizc Khurram Mughal b Sunny Sehrwat3000
2Farhan Ali Rajab Avanish Anand32000
3Steven Harperb Avanish Anand29000
4Paras Goelc Sunny Sehrwat b Avanish Anand6000
5Tayyeb Hassan*+c Shiva Katta b Aman Sangwan27000
6Eoin Birchc Vinay Kumar b Aman Sangwan35000
7Amir Shahzadb Aman Sangwan2000
8Iftikhar Sabirb Avanish Anand2000
9Kashif Qazib Aman Sangwan7000
10Terence Kiernanb Sunny Sehrwat0000
11Rana Zamirnot out 0000
extras (b4 lb1 w21 nb3)29 
  10 for 172(39.0 overs)
1-7(Salman Aziz) 2-69(Farhan Ali Raja) 3-91(Steven Harper) 4-93(Paras Goel) 5-149(Tayyeb Hassan) 6-151(Amir Shahzad) 7-154(Iftikhar Sabir) 8-167(Eoin Birch) 9-168(Terence Kiernan) 10-172(Kashif Qazi)
Adamstown 3 Bowling
Amandeep Matharoo8026000
Sunny Sehrwat6.1030200
Hamza Moinuddin2018000
Aman Sangwan8125400
Avanish Anand8034400
Hardeep Singh7034000
Adamstown 3 Batting - Innings 1
1Shiva Katta+run out Eoin Birch b Kashif Qazi10010
2Sunny Sehrwatc Paras Goel b Iftikhar Sabir39051
3Mayank Chauhanb Rana Zamir17020
4Aman Sangwan*c Tayyeb Hassan b Eoin Birch31020
5Khurram Mughalc Iftikhar Sabir b Rana Zamir2000
6Vinay Kumarc Kashif Qazi b Amir Shahzad24030
7Hardeep Singhnot out 10020
8Varun Neginot out 7000
9Hamza Moinuddindnb
10Amandeep Matharoodnb
11Avanish Ananddnb
extras (b5 lb3 w23 nb2)33 
  6 for 173(36.3 overs)
1-23(Shiva Katta) 2-71(Sunny Sehrwat) 3-91(Mayank Chauhan) 4-94(Khurram Mughal) 5-154(Aman Sangwan) 6-154(Vinay Kumar)
Balbriggan 3 Bowling
Kashif Qazi8127000
Eoin Birch8129100
Iftikhar Sabir8035100
Amir Shahzad5.3028100
Rana Zamir5031200
Farhan Ali Raja105000
Steven Harper1010000

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