Match Report

Division 2
Category: open
Saturday, 2nd June, 2018
Venue: College Park
Dublin University 1
Balbriggan 1
Balbriggan won by 221 runs

Match Report

@damobyrne71024: #cricketleinster #18720 Trinity 101 all out , 4 for Kashif Ali and 3 for Duane Harper , Balbriggan won by 221 Runs


Dublin Univ 1 Vs Balbriggan 1
College Park
2 Jun 2018, Start: 12 PM
Division 2, Pool Sen, 1 Inns
Umpires - Eoin Crossen, John Ford
Scorers - Ger Siggins, Alan Richardson
Balbriggan 1 d. Dublin Univ 1 by 221 runs
Toss won by Dublin Univ 1
Competition Points - Dublin Univ 1 0.00, Balbriggan 1 25.00
Balbriggan 1 Batting - Innings 1
1Connor Fletcherb Jamie Brown113110172
2Adrian Harperc Lorcan Tucker b Dean Brogan527970
3Farooq Nasrc Jamie Brown b Niall Hunt0700
4Timcen Marumanot out 9263112
5Adam Keefe+c Jamie Brown b Srikanth Venkata Subramanian51800
6Nathan Rooneynot out 422343
7Ehtesham Ahmeddnb
8Duane Harper*dnb
9Kashif Alidnb
10Abdul Samaddnb
11Mel Mcgeednb
extras (b2 lb1 w15 nb0)18 
  4 for 322(50.0 overs)
1-146(Adrian Harper) 2-160(Farooq Nasr) 3-202(Connor Fletcher) 4-232(Adam Keefe)
Dublin Univ 1 Bowling
Dean Brogan10173160
Srikanth Venkata Subramanian8247110
Niall Hunt10165120
Mohammad Amir Anwar5130000
Conor Hoey10042000
Jamie Brown5034100
Richard Forrest2028010
Dublin Univ 1 Batting - Innings 1
1Richard Forrest+lbw b Ehtesham Ahmed1800
2Mohammad Amir Anwarc Adam Keefe b Duane Harper122220
3Jamie Brownc Adam Keefe b Duane Harper82810
4Lorcan Tucker*b Duane Harper0100
5Mark Collierc Timcen Maruma b Kashif Ali353331
6Dean Broganlbw b Farooq Nasr102800
7Andrew Delanylbw b Kashif Ali51600
8Matthew Strongc Timcen Maruma b Farooq Nasr0900
9Conor Hoeyc Adam Keefe b Kashif Ali41100
10Niall Huntb Kashif Ali01000
11Srikanth Venkata Subramaniannot out 3500
extras (b0 lb1 w21 nb1)23 
  10 for 101(28.1 overs)
1-10(Richard Forrest) 2-18(Mohammad Amir Anwar) 3-18(Lorcan Tucker) 4-55(Jamie Brown) 5-80(Mark Collier) 6-89(Dean Brogan) 7-91(Matthew Strong) 8-91(Andrew Delany) 9-95(Niall Hunt) 10-101(Conor Hoey)
Balbriggan 1 Bowling
Duane Harper8026351
Ehtesham Ahmed6030130
Farooq Nasr8118210
Kashif Ali6.2026470

Archived Updates

Time Type Content
12:45 @Siggo: #cricketleinster #18720 @CCBalbriggan 37-0 off 9 v. @TrinityCricket
12:45 @fibrofella: RT @ClontarfCC: Stunning catch by Gallagher to dismiss Gunning giving @Ropu6644tarf his first wicket of the day. 14/1/5.2 #cricketleinster
13:49 @damobyrne71024: #cricketleinster #18720 Balbriggan 146/0 off 26 , A Harper and Fletcher both past 50
14:21 @Siggo: #cricketleinster #18720 @Balbriggancc 170/2 , 31.2 fletcher 101no
15:08 @damobyrne71024: #cricketleinster #18720 232/4 off 40 , Fletcher out for 113
15:40 @damobyrne71024: #cricketleinster #18720 Balbriggan finish on 322/4 off 50 Fletcher 113 , Maruma 92* , Rooney 42*
18:55 @Siggo: #cricketleinster #18720 @trinitycricket 101 all out
18:55 @damobyrne71024: #cricketleinster #18720 highlight of the game was Nathan Rooney launching a six onto Nassau St
18:55 @damobyrne71024: #cricketleinster #18720 Trinity 101 all out , 4 for Kashif Ali and 3 for Duane Harper , Balbriggan won by 221 Runs
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