Match Report

Division 5
Category: open
Sunday, 24th June, 2018
Venue: Claremont Road
Balbriggan 2
YMCA won by 3 wkts

Match Report

@YMCACCDublin: #cricketleinster #20008 YM 227/7 Tom Winter 33* Mikey O'Reilly 5*. YM win by 3 wkts


YMCA 3 Vs Balbriggan 2
Claremont Road
24 Jun 2018, Start: 1 PM
Division 5, 1 Inns
Umpires - Valmai Gee, Anup Kishen
Scorers - Jack Davy, Alan Richardson
YMCA 3 won by 3 wickets
Toss won by YMCA 3
Competition Points - YMCA 3 22.00, Balbriggan 2 3.00
Balbriggan 2 Batting - Innings 1
1Mel Mcgeeb Muhammad Noman1000
2Justin Kavanagh Martin*c Sivan Mangat b Thomas Winter33000
3Emad Uddinb Ben Brownlee52000
4Syed Mehdic Nithin Thambi b Thomas Winter25000
5Abdul Samadst Nithin Thambi b Cillian McDonnell17000
6Adam Tantas+b Cillian McDonnell20000
7Niall McElearneyc Sivan Mangat b Ben Brownlee15000
8Steven Harperc Chris Minch b Devansh Singh9000
9Eoin Birchc Sivan Mangat b Devansh Singh2000
10Syed Harisb Wilhelm De Klerk17000
11Paddy Martinnot out 4000
extras (b4 lb1 w11 nb15)31 
  10 for 226(41.4 overs)
1-10(Mel Mcgee) 2-93(Emad Uddin) 3-121(Justin Kavanagh Martin) 4-134(Syed Mehdi) 5-175(Abdul Samad) 6-176(Adam Tantas) 7-200(Steven Harper) 8-202(Eoin Birch) 9-205(Niall McElearney) 10-226(Syed Haris)
YMCA 3 Bowling
Michael O'Reilly4040000
Muhammad Noman3022100
Devansh Singh9133200
Ben Brownlee7038200
Cillian McDonnell9233200
Thomas Winter9155200
Wilhelm De Klerk0.400100
YMCA 3 Batting - Innings 1
1Nithin Thambi+b Syed Haris0000
2SJ De Klerkc Niall McElearney b Eoin Birch6000
3Devansh Singhrun out Syed Haris 63000
4Wilhelm De Klerklbw b Syed Haris3000
5Sivan Mangatrun out Justin Kavanagh Martin 44000
6Ben Brownleeb Emad Uddin24000
7Chris Minch*lbw b Justin Kavanagh Martin29000
8Thomas Winternot out 33000
9Michael O'Reillynot out 5000
10Cillian McDonnelldnb
11Muhammad Nomandnb
extras (b2 lb0 w15 nb3)20 
  7 for 227(36.5 overs)
1-0(Nithin Thambi) 2-33(SJ De Klerk) 3-44(Wilhelm De Klerk) 4-110(Devansh Singh) 5-147(Ben Brownlee) 6-180(Sivan Mangat) 7-193(Chris Minch)
Balbriggan 2 Bowling
Syed Haris7.5052200
Eoin Birch5038100
Emad Uddin9059100
Paddy Martin5024000
Justin Kavanagh Martin6037100
Mel Mcgee4015000

Archived Updates

Time Type Content
17:26 @YMCACCDublin: #cricketleinster #20008 Balbriggan 227 all out. YM 71/3 off 10 overs Singh 34* Mangat 14*
17:42 @YMCACCDublin: #cricketleinster #20008 Div 5 YM 102/3 off 15 overs Singh 60* Mangat 17*
17:58 @YMCACCDublin: #cricketleinster #20008 YM 147/5 off 22 over. Brownlee b E.Uddin 24. Chasing 226
18:14 @YMCACCDublin: #cricketleinster #20008 Capt Minch joins Mangat 32*
18:30 @YMCACCDublin: #cricketleinster #20008 Wkt Mangat run out backing up/deflection 44. YM 180/6 off 29 overs. 47 to win
18:30 @YMCACCDublin: #cricketleinster #20008 YM 176/5 off 28 overs Mangat 44* Minch 17*
18:46 @YMCACCDublin: #cricketleinster #20008 YM 221/7 off 35 overs
18:46 @YMCACCDublin: #cricketleinster #20008 YM 214/7 off 34 overs
18:46 @YMCACCDublin: #cricketleinster #20008 Wkt Minch lbw. YM 193/7 off 32 overs. Cometh the hour...Mikey O'Reilly strides to the wicket...
19:18 @YMCACCDublin: #cricketleinster #20008 YM 227/7 Tom Winter 33* Mikey O'Reilly 5*. YM win by 3 wkts
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