Match Report

Division 16
Category: open
Saturday, 21st July, 2018
Venue: Civil Service
Civil Service 4
Balbriggan 4
Civil Service won by 66 runs


Civil Service 4 Vs Balbriggan 4
Civil Service
21 Jul 2018, Start: 1 PM
Division 16, 1 Inns
Civil Service 4 won by 66 Runs
Toss won by Civil Service 4
Competition Points - Civil Service 4 23.00, Balbriggan 4 2.00
Civil Service 4 Batting - Innings 1
1Nabeel Andrabic Jose O Carroll b Iftikhar Sabir23000
2Ahmad Khalid*lbw b Rana Zamir27000
3Baajeerao Dabhadec Muhammad Amin b Terence Kiernan6000
4Abdul Sammadst Tayyeb Hassan b Terence Kiernan4000
5Dave Nugent+b Lee McGee28000
6Sharath Kurupb Eoin Birch43000
7Muhammad Farazb Eoin Birch16000
8Forhad Hossainb Eoin Birch2000
9Tara Byrnenot out 1000
10Jestin Josec Cormac Mclean b Eoin Birch0000
11Chris Abrahamb Rana Zamir1000
extras (b9 lb0 w5 nb2)16 
  10 for 167(31.1 overs)
1-32(Nabeel Andrabi) 2-57(Baajeerao Dabhade) 3-62(Ahmad Khalid) 4-92(Abdul Sammad) 5-136(Dave Nugent) 6-151(Sharath Kurup) 7-164(Forhad Hossain) 8-166(Muhammad Faraz) 9-166(Jestin Jose) 10-167(Chris Abraham)
Balbriggan 4 Bowling
Iftikhar Sabir7033100
Rana Zamir6.1026200
Eoin Birch6025400
Terence Kiernan6036200
Jose O Carroll2020000
Lee McGee4018100
Balbriggan 4 Batting - Innings 1
1Muhammad Aminb Chris Abraham24000
2Druhan Knightc Nabeel Andrabi b Abdul Sammad0000
3Tayyeb Hassan*+run out Muhammad Faraz 3000
4Cormac Mcleanc Nabeel Andrabi b Muhammad Faraz0000
5Eoin Birchc Sharath Kurup b Ahmad Khalid30000
6Iftikhar Sabirretired 0000
7Jose O Carrollb Forhad Hossain2000
8Terence Kiernanc Nabeel Andrabi b Ahmad Khalid1000
9Rana Zamirlbw b Forhad Hossain30000
10Lee McGeest Dave Nugent b Ahmad Khalid0000
11Jack Walshnot out 0000
extras (b0 lb4 w6 nb1)11 
  9 for 101(25.1 overs)
1-7(Druhan Knight) 2-20(Tayyeb Hassan) 3-21(Cormac Mclean) 4-37(Muhammad Amin) 5-57(Jose O Carroll) 6-87(Terence Kiernan) 7-92(Eoin Birch) 8-92(Rana Zamir) 9-101(Lee McGee)
Civil Service 4 Bowling
Abdul Sammad5014100
Muhammad Faraz5014100
Jestin Jose5030000
Chris Abraham5027100
Ahmad Khalid316300
Forhad Hossain2.206200
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