Match Report

Division 5
Category: open
Sunday, 23rd September, 2018
Venue: Anglesea Road
Merrion 4
Adamstown 1
Adamstown won by 128 runs

Match Report

@ACC_Cricket: #cricketleinster #20127 Adamstown win by 100+ runs. Confirm no.3 spot.


Merrion 4 Vs Adamstown 1
Anglesea Road
23 Sep 2018, Start: 12:30 PM
Division 5, 1 Inns
Umpires - Paul Delany, Conor McElhinney
Scorers - Julianne Morrissey, Arminder Singh Flora
Adamstown 1 won by 128 runs
Toss won by Adamstown 1
Competition Points - Merrion 4 0.00, Adamstown 1 25.00
Adamstown 1 Batting - Innings 1
1Haseeb Khan+lbw b Timcy Khanduja8695111
2Bradley Fernandesb Murali Raparla101020
3Harpreet Singh*lbw b Daniel Forkin375651
4Abdul Maanst John O'Hara b Akshay Dubey555643
5Faisal Riaz Khanc Venkat Puli b Timcy Khanduja7701
6Hamza Maannot out 523324
7Jimmy Bansalnot out 322350
8Muhammad Usmandnb
9Sameer Handadnb
10Deepak Vijayandnb
11Krith Shettydnb
extras (b6 lb4 w26 nb0)36 
  5 for 315(45.0 overs)
1-23(Bradley Fernandes) 2-120(Harpreet Singh) 3-210(Abdul Maan) 4-213(Haseeb Khan) 5-225(Faisal Riaz Khan)
Merrion 4 Bowling
Killian O'Flynn5042000
Murali Raparla6129100
Peter Forkin9035000
Venkat Puli2026000
Daniel Forkin9064100
Timcy Khanduja9066200
Akshay Dubey5043100
Merrion 4 Batting - Innings 1
1Chirag Poddarc Muhammad Usman b Harpreet Singh0700
2Andrew Kayb Krith Shetty0400
3Timcy Khandujarun out Sameer Handa 285320
4Hari Ramasetty*lbw b Harpreet Singh102210
5John O'Hara+c Muhammad Usman b Hamza Maan62110
6Akshay Dubeynot out 8991130
7Peter Forkinb Sameer Handa01800
8Venkat Pulilbw b Jimmy Bansal5710
9Killian O'Flynnb Sameer Handa1600
10Daniel Forkinb Hamza Maan32600
11Murali Raparlarun out Haseeb Khan 5710
extras (b2 lb0 w36 nb2)40 
  10 for 187(43.1 overs)
1-0(Andrew Kay) 2-0(Chirag Poddar) 3-25(Hari Ramasetty) 4-50(John O'Hara) 5-63(Timcy Khanduja) 6-78(Peter Forkin) 7-83(Venkat Puli) 8-92(Killian O'Flynn) 9-130(Daniel Forkin) 10-187(Murali Raparla)
Adamstown 1 Bowling
Harpreet Singh8231200
Krith Shetty4110100
Deepak Vijayan5026000
Hamza Maan9127200
Muhammad Usman5022000
Sameer Handa312200
Jimmy Bansal3026100
Bradley Fernandes4122000
Faisal Riaz Khan1.206000
Abdul Maan1013000

Archived Updates

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08:57 @ACC_Cricket: #cricketleinster #20127 Final match of the season and a mouth watering encounter with these two teams going for the…
15:02 Adamstown 245/5 off 41 overs
15:21 Adamstown finish on 315/5 off their 45 overs
16:36 @ACC_Cricket: #cricketleinster #20127 Adamstown 1sts register their highest total of 2018 in this season-ender. Opener Haseeb wi…
18:10 @ACC_Cricket: #cricketleinster #20127 Adamstown dominating this tie so far just 2 wickets needed. Merrion 115/2/33
18:26 @ACC_Cricket: #cricketleinster #20127 Merrion fighting back here with Akshay Dubey and youngster Danny but still far from target. 130/8/37
18:32 @ACC_Cricket: #cricketleinster #20127 Just 1 wicket needed as skipper Happy Singh comes back into attack
19:18 @ACC_Cricket: #cricketleinster #20127 Adamstown win by 100+ runs. Confirm no.3 spot.
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