Match Report

Division 4
Category: open
Saturday, 22nd September, 2018
Venue: Anglesea Road
Merrion 3
DLR County 1
DLR County won by 1 wkt

Match Report

@CountyDlr: #cricketleinster #20123 DLRCC finished in style win by 1 wickets and in Merrion.


Merrion 3 Vs DLR County 1
Anglesea Road
22 Sep 2018, Start: 11:30 AM
Division 4, 1 Inns
Umpires - John Norton, Manoj Rajasekharan
DLR County 1 won by 1 Wickets
Toss won by Merrion 3
Competition Points - Merrion 3 5.00, DLR County 1 20.00
Merrion 3 Batting - Innings 1
1Neil Brownb Abhilash Sukumaran30000
2Sean Husseyc Mitul Galav b Abhilash Sukumaran20000
3Conor Austinrun out Vivekanandan Srinivasan 0000
4Chirag Poddar+b Vivekanandan Srinivasan32000
5Sainath Reddyc sub b Mitul Galav120000
6Tom Nolanlbw b Vivekanandan Srinivasan5000
7Simarjit Singhlbw b Abhilash Sukumaran2000
8John O'Haralbw b Abhilash Sukumaran4000
9Peter Forkinb Jayakumar Pillai14000
10Daniel Paul*b Mitul Galav2000
11Dom Markhamnot out 4000
extras (b0 lb5 w20 nb0)25 
  10 for 258(47.0 overs)
1-54(Neil Brown) 2-60(Conor Austin) 3-60(Sean Hussey) 4-167(Chirag Poddar) 5-211(Tom Nolan) 6-215(Simarjit Singh) 7-224(John O'Hara) 8-242(Peter Forkin) 9-248(Sainath Reddy) 10-258(Daniel Paul)
DLR County 1 Bowling
Mitul Galav7.10552120
Arjun Chandrasekar6028010
Abhilash Sukumaran10146410
Rahul Balachandran4026000
Jayakumar Pillai10139110
Vivekanandan Srinivasan6041230
Ghanshyam Godara4118020
DLR County 1 Batting - Innings 1
1Ramji Padmanabanst Chirag Poddar b Simarjit Singh61000
2Srikanth Bodduc Chirag Poddar b Daniel Paul35000
3Vivekanandan Srinivasanc Daniel Paul b Dom Markham15000
4Mitul Galavc Tom Nolan b Peter Forkin23000
5Arjun Chandrasekar*st Chirag Poddar b Peter Forkin31000
6Rahul Balachandranb Peter Forkin12000
7Jayakumar Pillaib Peter Forkin1000
8Abhilash Sukumaranb Neil Brown3000
9Vinu Jacob+c Daniel Paul b Neil Brown10000
10Ghanshyam Godaranot out 21000
11Joseph Anandnot out 8000
extras (b0 lb1 w36 nb2)39 
  9 for 259(43.4 overs)
1-73(Srikanth Boddu) 2-130(Ramji Padmanaban) 3-192(Mitul Galav) 4-203(Arjun Chandrasekar) 5-205(Vivekanandan Srinivasan) 6-214(Rahul Balachandran) 7-215(Jayakumar Pillai) 8-220(Abhilash Sukumaran) 9-243(Vinu Jacob)
Merrion 3 Bowling
Daniel Paul6034130
Conor Austin2025041
Simarjit Singh101451120
Tom Nolan1011041
Peter Forkin9052400
Dom Markham5034190
Sean Hussey4028030
Neil Brown6.4029230

Archived Updates

Time Type Content
12:44 Merrion batting first are 100/3 off 17. Merrion lose start well but lose wickets as Austin and Hussey disagree as to what constitute a run.
13:17 Some big hitting sees Merrion move on to 142/3 off 25 - Sai Reddy 46*
13:50 Merrion 193/5 off 30. Sai Reddy 91*
14:09 Reddy goes on to 100 [6*6]. Merrion 205/5 off 35
14:51 Reddy out for 121 - Merrion 248/9 off 45
14:57 Merrion all out 254 in 48th over
16:49 @CountyDlr: #cricketleinster #20123 DLRCC 128/1 in 19.
16:49 @CountyDlr: #cricketleinster #20123 DLRCC 99/1 in 14 overs.
17:37 @CountyDlr: #cricketleinster #20123 DRLCC 29 Overs , 188/3...Mitch and Arjun on the Crease.
18:09 @CountyDlr: #cricketleinster #20123 DLRCC 214/7 in 37 overs.
18:40 @CountyDlr: #cricketleinster #20123 DLRCC finished in style win by 1 wickets and in Merrion.
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