Match Report

Division 5
Category: open
Sunday, 2nd September, 2018
Venue: Anglesea Road
Merrion 4
Balbriggan 2
Merrion won by 17 runs

Match Report

Merrion made 134 and Balbriggan chasing are 84/5. Exciting game.


Merrion 4 Vs Balbriggan 2
Anglesea Road
2 Sep 2018, Start: 12:30 PM
Division 5, 1 Inns
Scorers - Venkat Puli, Alan Richardson
Merrion 4 won by 17 Runs
Toss won by Balbriggan 2
Competition Points - Merrion 4 20.00, Balbriggan 2 5.00
Merrion 4 Batting - Innings 1
1Timcy Khandujac Mel Mcgee b Eoin Birch152530
2Tim Cliffordc Mel Mcgee b Eoin Birch2040
3Chirag Poddar+run out Emad Uddin b Aidan Murray183030
4Sainath Reddylbw b Justin Kavanagh Martin182621
5Simarjit Singhb Justin Kavanagh Martin31700
6Akshay Dubeyb Justin Kavanagh Martin133200
7Tim Knightb Emad Uddin21000
8Hari Ramasetty*b Emad Uddin2827500
9Vidit Sukhramanib Emad Uddin102010
10Conor Austinb Emad Uddin31500
11Tom Gibbsnot out 1600
extras (b4 lb1 w16 nb0)21 
  10 for 134(35.1 overs)
1-16(Tim Clifford) 2-20(Timcy Khanduja) 3-62(Chirag Poddar) 4-63(Sainath Reddy) 5-70(Simarjit Singh) 6-77(Tim Knight) 7-94(Akshay Dubey) 8-124(Hari Ramasetty) 9-129(Vidit Sukhramani) 10-134(Conor Austin)
Balbriggan 2 Bowling
Syed Haris6123010
Eoin Birch4021230
Aidan Murray5213050
Justin Kavanagh Martin9033310
Emad Uddin8.1120420
Mel Mcgee3019040
Balbriggan 2 Batting - Innings 1
1Salman Azizb Tim Clifford2500
2Justin Kavanagh Martinc Tom Gibbs b Conor Austin185030
3Emad Uddinb Vidit Sukhramani41010
4Mel Mcgee*+c Timcy Khanduja b Akshay Dubey234540
5Eoin Birchc Tom Gibbs b Simarjit Singh86810
6Aidan Murrayb Tim Clifford253450
7Steven Harperc Akshay Dubey b Timcy Khanduja4510
8Iftikhar Sabirrun out Simarjit Singh b Akshay Dubey1900
9Dakshinamurthy Ranganathanc Vidit Sukhramani b Simarjit Singh81110
10Syed Harisnot out 101100
11Amir Shahzadlbw b Simarjit Singh2800
extras (b3 lb0 w9 nb0)12 
  10 for 117(42.4 overs)
1-3(Salman Aziz) 2-10(Emad Uddin) 3-42(Justin Kavanagh Martin) 4-52(Mel Mcgee) 5-83(Aidan Murray) 6-88(Steven Harper) 7-89(Iftikhar Sabir) 8-102(Dakshinamurthy Ranganathan) 9-113(Eoin Birch) 10-117(Amir Shahzad)
Merrion 4 Bowling
Vidit Sukhramani9222100
Tim Clifford9420210
Timcy Khanduja9323120
Conor Austin4111120
Akshay Dubey5112110
Simarjit Singh4.4022320
Tim Knight204010

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17:05 Merrion made 134 and Balbriggan chasing are 84/5. Exciting game.
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