Match Report

Middle Cup 1
Category: open
Sunday, 10th June, 2018
Venue: Bird Avenue
Merrion 4
Balbriggan 2
Balbriggan won by 33 runs

Match Report

Balbriggan win by 32 runs


Merrion 4 Vs Balbriggan 2
Bird Avenue
10 Jun 2018, Start: 1 PM
Middle Cup, 1 Inns, Round 1
Umpires - Martin Mackey, Valmai Gee
Scorers - Conor Austin
Balbriggan 2 won by 33 Runs
Toss won by Merrion 4
Competition Points - Merrion 4 0.00, Balbriggan 2 0.00
Balbriggan 2 Batting - Innings 1
1Shahrukh Nawaz+c&b Tom Gibbs3900
2Glenn Russellc&b Tom Gibbs41500
3Niall McElearneyb Sreedhar Pendyala41200
4Syed Mehdic Sean Hussey b Celeste Raack332060
5Salman Azizst Liam Casey b Celeste Raack21100
6Aidan Murray*c Celeste Raack b Chirag Poddar304220
7Tariq Faheemc Chirag Poddar b Celeste Raack91510
8Dakshinamurthy Ranganathanb Tom Gibbs274330
9Syed Harisnot out 91600
10Noman Maqsoodst Liam Casey b Chirag Poddar10701
11Raja Akbarlbw b Tom Gibbs1300
extras (b9 lb0 w3 nb0)12 
  10 for 144(33.3 overs)
1-9(Glenn Russell) 2-12(Shahrukh Nawaz) 3-26(Niall McElearney) 4-41(Salman Aziz) 5-54(Syed Mehdi) 6-70(Tariq Faheem) 7-118(Dakshinamurthy Ranganathan) 8-126(Aidan Murray) 9-133(Noman Maqsood) 10-143(Raja Akbar)
Merrion 4 Bowling
Sreedhar Pendyala8023100
Tom Gibbs5.4031430
Celeste Raack8021300
Sean Hussey6022000
Raghav Khurana4028000
Chirag Poddar2010200
Merrion 4 Batting - Innings 1
1Raghav Khuranab Noman Maqsood3600
2Alan Parkinsonc Shahrukh Nawaz b Syed Haris153630
3Chirag Poddarc Glenn Russell b Tariq Faheem92900
4Sean Husseyc Tariq Faheem b Raja Akbar71900
5Sainath Reddyb Raja Akbar51110
6Hari Ramasetty*c Syed Haris b Dakshinamurthy Ranganathan183010
7Chandra Aramallalbw b Tariq Faheem4210
8Liam Casey+not out 224910
9Tom Gibbsc Niall McElearney b Noman Maqsood1500
10Sreedhar Pendyalab Noman Maqsood81120
11Celeste Raackc Aidan Murray b Tariq Faheem2500
extras (b5 lb2 w8 nb2)17 
  10 for 111(35.0 overs)
1-5(Raghav Khurana) 2-25(Alan Parkinson) 3-40(Chirag Poddar) 4-47(Sainath Reddy) 5-58(Sean Hussey) 6-67(Chandra Aramalla) 7-83(Hari Ramasetty) 8-86(Tom Gibbs) 9-104(Sreedhar Pendyala) 10-110(Celeste Raack)
Balbriggan 2 Bowling
Syed Haris8119102
Noman Maqsood8123300
Tariq Faheem8220370
Raja Akbar6025210
Dakshinamurthy Ranganathan5017100

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14:13 Balbriggan batting are 48/4 off 11
15:41 @betonliamcasey: Balbriggan 143 ao. #cricketleinster #19413
18:11 Balbriggan win by 32 runs
18:11 Balbriggan win by 32 runs
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