Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: OPEN: What are the dates when the playing times change?

    A: After 12 May, the starting times of some competitions move later. As the days become shorter, the start times become earlier from 5th August, before finally becoming earlier again after… (more)

  • Q: OPEN: What are the deadlines for the submission of match information, and what are the penalties for not doing this?

    A: For weekend matches the result of the match should be recorded on the LCU website by the home team by midnight of the first Tuesday after the finish of the match. For midweek games (excluding… (more)

  • Q: Where can I view a copy of the Laws of cricket?

    A: The Laws of Cricket remain the copyright of the MCC, who remain the custodians of the Laws and we are not allowed to publish them. The most recent version of the Laws can be found at… (more)

  • Q: WOMEN: How many players on a Division 1 side have to be starred?

    A: Seven members of each team should be starred. Of the remaining four unstarred players, two may play for a team below (more)

Playing Regulations for Cricket Leinster Competitions

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