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Fantasy Cricket game for the Leinster League!


*The LCU Fantasy League has reached close of play for 2011!*

And now...let's get on to the important stuff - the Fantasy League winners! The last Fantasy League I was in was very interesting because the person's dad who ran the Fantasy League actually won it! So it's not unusual for that to happen every now and again...right? Ok...and the winning teams were John Mooney's "Balrothery Bashers" in Division 1 and our very own Pat Banahan's "Also Rans" in Division 2! Turn to the League Tables section for a full run-out of the prizewinners and prizes! So thank you for all playing. And now, if I could ask you all to stand for our national anthem....


Like all good openers, this first season has laid a strong foundation for the order to follow. Lessons have been learned and feedback fed back, so the game will return better than ever (i.e. last year) for 2012! Tune back in around March for the next thrilling in(ning)stallment...

In the meantime check out the League Tables section for full and final Tables and Prizes as well as Team and Player stats.





Welcome to the debut season of the Leinster Cricket Fantasy League! This is a fantastic chance to select and manage your very own fantasy team from either the Leinster League Divisions 1 or 2. Fantasy points will be awarded based on actual results and player performances over the 2011 season. It’s simple – the better your players perform, the more points they’ll score for your fantasy team. Your team will be placed in the online Fantasy League tables – the overall Leinster Cricket Division 1 and Division 2 Fantasy Leagues, as well as Quarter-Season Leagues and the Manager’s own designated Club and Nation Leagues. Each week the leagues will be updated on this site, and the top ten teams and players in the overall league will get their names in lights on this homepage.


Prizes will be awarded to the table-topping teams in the overall Leinster Fantasy Leagues come the end of the season. There will also be prizes to fight for in each of the four individual season "Quarter Leagues", the "League of Clubs" and the "League of Nations". The Quarter Leagues are structured around three "Transfer Windows”, which will give you a chance to make some tinkers or even sweeping changes! And even if your team are teetering on the edge of relegation, there’ll be some Wooden Spoon consolation prizes to throw your wicket away or overstep the mark for!

How to Play

All you have to do is choose Division 1 or 2 to pick your fantasy team from, keeping it within the basic game rules (such as the €35m budget) and submit it before 30 April (late entries up to 3 June will be accepted, with varying levels of penalties). Each entry will cost you just €10 (which will be split evenly between prize money and the LCU's website running costs). So don’t get left on the wrong side of the boundary…pad up…survey that field…choose your guard…aaaaaand…Play!


The Rules and Player Lists have been finalised, set in stone, laminated etc so click here to read about how to enter, here to learn the Rules, here to see some Player Lists or here to enter online NOW!


Apologies to those who made inroads into selecting their fantasy teams before 5 April. On this date new information came to light - unfortunately the technology needed to run the Fantasy League as advertised before that date hadn't been invented yet! Therefore it was necessary to modify the Rules and Structure of the league. These modifications were made on 5 April. Those Managers who had already submitted entry forms were contacted personally and given details on how to re-enter under the new system. The bottom line is that the current game Rules and Structure will definitely not change from here on in!

Promotional Poster

For anyone who'd like to help promoting this game, attached here is the *official* poster! Feel free to display it at will!

Open or download the poster by selecting the below link; you can either open it by left-clicking or download it by right-clicking and selecting "Save Target As" (IE) or "Save Link As" (Firefox, Chrome).

LCFL Poster

Happy Fantasy Cricketing!

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