• Q: Am I covered for Public Liability at all times?

    A: No, the cover only applies when you are involved in cricket activities arising out of your coaching duties.

  • Q: Garda Vetting: Who Needs to be Vetted

    A: â??Any person who is carrying out work or activity, a necessary and regular part of which consists mainly of the person having access to, or contact with, children or vulnerable adultsâ??.
    What this means is that anyone in your club who has regular and ongoing contact with children and therefore the opportunity to build up a relationship of trust with a child must be vetted. Top of this group are the coaches and assistant coaches, but also your club childrenâ??s officer, designated person, youth team managers and the captains of adult teams on which underage children regularly play. â??Ongoing and regularâ?? is not defined in the Act but the Cricket Ireland Child Safeguarding Manual has defined it as once a week or more, four times a month or more and overnight.

  • Q: How do I join the Leinster Coaches Association?

    A: To become a member of the LeinsterCA you must become a Cricket Ireland Coaches Association (CICA) member. This is â?¬42 for 2016 and will give you insurance as well as discounts to some events/courses. For more information on how to join, and the other benefits, please go to the â??Membersâ?? tab up above.

  • Q: I coach as a hobby and don't have a job, can I still claim under the Personal Accident section of the policy?

    A: Yes, you can claim for all benefits under the policy other than the temporary total disablement weekly benefit. If your only occupation at the time of an accident is as a cricket coach you will be able to claim the temporary total disablement benefit after the two week waiting period.

  • Q: I have formed a Ltd company for my coaching activities. Is the company insured under the Cricket Ireland Coaches' Association scheme?

    A: No, companies cannot join Cricket Ireland Coaches' Association Scheme therefore the insurance package will not apply. Separate arrangements can be made by contacting Aston Scott Ltd. Contact details can be found on: .

  • Q: I sometimes have parents and other club members assisting me with coaching. Are they covered under my insurance?

    A: No, cover is only extended to coaches who are members of the Cricket Ireland Coaches' Association.

  • Q: What am I Insured for when I am a member of the LeinsterCA?

    A: Coaches that have completed the Welcome to Coaching Course are insured to be assistant coaches. Those that have completed the Certificate courses are insured to be lead coaches. For other questions about insurance see the section on Cricket Ireland Coaches' Association Insurance Scheme FAQs.

  • Q: What do I do if I receive a solicitor's letter alleging that I was responsible for an injury caused during a coaching session?

    A: Forward the letter without delay to Aston Scott Ltd. The letter must not be answered and it is advisable to ring first to confirm that the letter is on its way. Contact details can be found on: .

  • Q: What do I do if someone is injured during a coaching session?

    A: Report the matter to Aston Scott Ltd immediately who will send you an accident report form to complete. Contact details can be found on their website at

  • Q: What does the Public Liability Insurance Cover?

    A: It covers all of the members of the Coaches Association against their legal liability in the event of injury being caused to a third party or damage to property.

  • Q: What is the equivalent of the Level 1?

    A: There is a new coaching pathway which the ECB introduced in 2014. We donâ??t have an equivalent of the old Level 1 course that the ECB used to run â?? this used to be 18 hours of work plus an assessment at the end of it. The ECB withdrew this course. This means that the Introduction Course is now split into the Welcome to Cricket course (3hr) and the Welcome to Coaching course (6hr). It then jumps to the Level 2 equivalent: the Certificate Courses. These are designed to be cater for coaches specific to different age groups. The Certificate in Coaching Young People and Adults is geared towards those coaching ages 13+. Whereas the Certificate in Coaching Children is directed towards those coaching children 13 and under. Please click here to see the Coaching Pathway.

  • Q: When does the Personal Accident cover apply?

    A: While you are either carrying out coaching duties or travelling to and/or from such duties.

  • Q: When I join the Cricket Ireland Coaches' Association at what stage is my insurance effective?

    A: When your application together with payment is received by Cricket Ireland.

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