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Hall of Fame Awards

In 1998 the Leinster Cricket Union instituted an award for those who have made a major contribution, on the field or off, to cricket in Leinster. The first recipient of the award was Alec O'Riordan, accounted by many as Ireland's finest all-rounder. The second recipient, another massively influential all-rounder was Gerry Duffy. The succeeding years saw the following awarded the title : Dougie Goodwin, Joe Caprani, Noel O'Mahony, Ginger O'Brien, Ian Lewis, B. A. Buttimer, Clarissa Crawford [Pilkington], Derek Scott, Fintan Synott, Vinnie Savino, Robin Waters, Michael Sharp, Michael Halliday, John Wills, Gerry Byrne, Mary Sharp, Matt Dwyer, Arthur Vincent and Brian Gilmore


Leinster Senior League and Senior Cup

The Leinster Senior League started in 1919. Records have been kept of all player performances. Most of these records have bene kept in ledgers and it will take a while to get these transferred to competer records. A summary of key tables are been complied and will be added to as they become available in digital form.

O'Grady Cup [Leading Bowlers]

Alec O'Riordan [Old Belvedere] headed the bowling averages on nine separate occasions, one more than the legendary Jimmy Boucher [Phoenix]. In more recent times the only player to come close was Matt Dwyer [The Hills] who won the O'Grady Cup five times between 1990 and 1996. Leading Bowlers

Top of the career bowling averages averages is Alec O'Riordan, with 33 players qualifying with over 500 wickets. Reflecting the improvement in wickets, it is worth member of the list is still playing. Three players took over 1,000 wickets, J Boucher [who took over 1300 wickets], G Kirwan and N McConnell. Senior Career Bowling Averages 1919 - 2010.

Marchant Cup [Leading Batsmen]

While there is less dominance by a single player in the batting averages, Alec O'Riordan appears again four times. Jeremy Bray [Phoenix] appears on the top of the averages on six occasions with S Bergin and A Masood close behind on five. Leading Batsmen.

The Marchant Cup is awarded each year for the leading bat [excluding in some years overseas professional players]. The Cup was first awarded in 1921 by T. F. Marchant in memory of his son killed in action in the First World War. The Marchant Cup is the oldest individual trophy in Leinster Cricket. 

Sixty three players qualify for the career senior batting averages, headed by Jeremy Bray. Of the top ten players, six played into the current century. Twelve players scored more than 10,000 runs with Brendan O'Brien way out ahead with over 20,000. The twelve players are A Botha, B O'Brien, A Lewis, G Duffy, A O'Riordan, B Gilmore, A Dunlop, J Caprani, D Pigot, E McDermott, B Buttimer and K Hope. Senior Career Batting Averages 1919 - 2010

All Rounders

Eddie Ingram [Leinster] in 1932 and Alec O'Riordan in 1975 and 1977 head both batting and bowling in a single year. Details of the leading All Rounders, Wicket Keepers and Outfield Catchers are attached. Four players appear in the career batting and bowling averages, A O'Riordan, M B Williams, G Duffy and N Shoukat.



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