Leinster Senior League and Senior Cup

The Leinster Senior League started in 1919. Records have been kept of all player performances. Most of these records have bene kept in ledgers and it will take a while to get these transferred to competer records. A summary of key tables are been complied and will be added to as they become available in digital form. See here for an explanation of what constitutes Senior Records. Figures to the end 2016 unless otherwise stated.


Aggregate Senior Runs in Career

One person stands out in terms of the total number of runs scored in Leinster Senior Club Cricket. Brendan [Ginger] O'Brien scored a total of 21,765 runs in a career spanning over 40 years [1959 - 2001]. The next highest aggregate is Alan Lewis with 15,040 [up to the end of 2016]. Thirteen players have scored more than 10,000 runs - David Pigot, Brian Gilmore, Angus Dunlop, Andre Botha, Enda McDermott, Brian Buttimer, Joe Caprani, Alec O'Riordan, Ken Hope, Gerry Duffy and Jeremy Bray.

The qualifying threshold for inclusion in the Leinster Senior Batting Career Averages is 5,000 runs and [up to end 2016] 68 players were included on this list. In terms of the career averages, Jeremy Bray tops the list with 61.76. The only other player to average higher than 50 is Alf Masood [51.22]. See full list of players


1000 Runs in a Season

Something that is not done very often in Leinster cricket, with no examples before 1981. In all there have been 21 instances from 14 players. The most recent was Daniel Solway for Pembroke in 2016. See full list.


Most Runs in Innings

With more runs being scored in the modern game one might imagine that the table of highest scores in an innings should be dominated by modern players. But this is not necessarily the case as cup matches could go on for many days [at one time there was no time limit on matches] and thus allow for some very large scores to be accumulated. But the highest score in Leinster Senior Club Cricket [232 by JB Ganly for Leinster in a League Cup Final against Phoenix in Rathmines in 1929] owed nothing to the length of the match. JB Ganly [perhaps Leinster’s greatest batsman] made 232 in 120 minutes with 6[6s] and 39 [4s] - 192 runs in boundaries. The whole innings of Leinster [411/9] lasted 210 minutes.  

JB Ganly was the only player to score two double centuries and is joined by either other players in the history of Leinster cricket. See the full list


Hat Tricks in a single innings

Some bowlers go through a whole career without ever getting a hat-trick. Jimmy Boucher [Phoenix] achieved the feat no less than six times - four more than any other player. Two players, JE Pigot for Railway Union v Phoenix in 1965 and G Charlesworth for Phoenix v Rush in 1995, got five wickets in succesive deliveries. Of special note, RH lambert [1929] was the oldest player to take a hat-trick at the age of 54. See the full list





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