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It is hoped that over time the Cricket Leinster website will become the repository of all the main records that make up the history of cricket in the province. One of the most important of these are the career details of all players that participated in the Leinster Secion League from 1919.

An amazing treasure trove of records have been compiled by Derek Scott over the years and these are held in book binders for each club. To display these on the website the records need to be put into a  spreadsheet.  This is a major task but one which could be accomplished if someone in each club took responsibility for entering career details for that club onto computer.

It is suggested that the records only need to be compiled up to 1995 [as from that date all resords are already on computer]. Although there is a lot more information that might usefully be included, the core data is included in this sample file from the Merrion Senior Records from 1926 - 2002.

Anyone intersted in becoming involved in creating an electronic archive for their club shoud talk first to Gerry Byrne at byrnegy@iol.ie


Milestones in 2010
During 2010 the following players achieved individual milestones:

JP Bray 9,000 Runs 
S Gull 5,000 Runs 

G.L.Molins 400 wickets 

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