2016 could be the closest Division 1 season for a long time, and a case can be made for every club. A cop out possibly, but below is Cricket Leinster's preview of the 2016 Division 1 season.

Division 4 is made up of three very distinct groups of teams. There are the first teams, who are not too far away from playing at the highest level of the sport in Leinster, and could be the next North Kildare. Civil Service, Dundrum and Greystones all fit this category. Then there are a few second teams who know that this is a rung lower than second teams should really be playing. They want to be back in Division 3, and that will be the aim of The Hills 2, Railway Union 2 and Phoenix 2. And then there are a couple of teams who are really at the very limit of what a third team can achieve, and who are doing pretty well to be in Division 4 at all. Into this category fall YMCA 3 and Merrion 3.

There is no getting away from the fact that this year's Division 5 is distinctly odd.

The last few days have seen hundreds of players registered across the province, with a few tantalising glimpses of who may be a little stronger than last year, and who may end up struggling a bit. Division 9 has a good bit of that, with a few clubs who have seen an influx of members this year, and a few who may have lost a few. The OCC will be publishing starrings for most sides on Thursday morning, and the pre-season gossip can truly begin.

Adamstown 3 were the Division 12 winners in each of the last two seasons, and with them being promoted to bigger and better things, there is a wonderful opportunity for one of this year's participants to fill the gap. League titles have not exactly been rare for the nine teams in this season's Division 12 (only three haven't won a league title in the last ten years), but that doesn't make a league title any less coveted.

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