Three teams had a good chance to win Division 9 in 2014. One did, and the other two are probably kicking themselves. The next three teams were much closer to the top than they were with the bottom

Division 12 as a whole had more than a hint of dis-organisation about it. Some matches were not played, one was played with less than the minimum overs, some scorecards went missing for long periods, and there were a good few walkovers. It meant that the league table that we finished up with was not necessarily the same one as we could see at the time. However, with the benefit of hindsight, there were only three teams who were ever in the running to win the title

There was only ever one team in the hunt for the title. Wicklow County 2 lost to Merrion 8 on June 7, but that was their only loss from their first 11 completed matches. Those who in pursuit didn't really have a chance.

Before we get too far in to this update I feel it is important to set the scene as to what exactly Division 6 cricket is about and who the players are. Some may say this may have been more useful at the start of the season but what are you gonna do, life is life and pancakes are lovely.

Phoenix Cricket Club has launched a significant initiative targetted at cricket loving boys and girls between the ages of 11 to 14 years. It is open to children who want to seriously develop their game, whether they belong to Phoenix or not.

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