Civil Service 4 have dominated the season so far, and with only five matches left, cannot finish lower than 54%. It is unlikely they will finish in the bottom half, and have to be the favourites for the title. Behind them, the next five teams all have a chance of being in the shake up for the top....or the bottom depending on how things go. Dundalk 2 and Merrion 8 are adrift at the bottom, and need points - but with over half their season left.

With Paul Reynolds away for the weekend, and the 2015 Division 2 season starting on Saturday, today's Division 2 preview takes a slightly different, more statistical slant.

Clontarf's mid-winter decision to decline the chance of promotion has left something of an odd feeling to this year's Division 3. The champions from last year stay still, but with little to prove, whilst with only one team coming down from Division 2, there isn't the normal intrigue as to what may happen.

Division 5 is only a week away, but for the teams involved, the warm April afternoons must be massively frustrating. All cricketers are aching to get going when the skies are blue, and the ground dry. Railway Union 3 and Malahide 3 meet on April 26th, but the rest of the division must wait even longer - most clubs play over the May Bank Holiday weekend - apart from Mullngar 1 who wait until May 17. Another month!

There is a very real tingling of excitement around Leinster cricket at the moment. There's a sense that any club has a chance of progressing to the top, a feeling that the sport as a whole is slowly making an impact on the collective sporting conciousness. Most clubs are attracting lots of new players, both from within the province and outside.

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