The U'13 Girls played North Wales in Pembroke CC in a 25 over match yesterday and finished the game needing 3 runs off the last over facing Thea,…

2016 could be the closest Division 1 season for a long time, and a case can be made for every club. A cop out possibly, but below is Cricket Leinster's preview of the 2016 Division 1 season.

It's a well worn phrase these days, and it is difficult to walk around any town in Leinster without hearing someone say, "Division 3 is always tight and this year is going to be no different". Balbriggan's last day route from relgation to champions is well known; last year Phoenix were only two runs away from finishing 4th instead of being relegated. But perhaps 2015 may be different. There is just a feeling that a few gaps have grown between the haves, the have a bits, and the haven't got muches

There is no getting away from the fact that this year's Division 5 is distinctly odd.

Eight teams start, and in our opinion, all eight could have a convincing set of reasons in favour of coming in the bottom half of the table. Obviously that isn't to happen (unless there was a really odd set of coincidences), so we do our best here to put those eight teams in some sort of order.

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