But to be perfectly honest. we could have also said that they we wanted to have a look at Division 5 because it is so darn interesting. Division 5 this year has everything - nine teams, who all could realistically say that they have a chance of winning; a few up and coming teams who could surprise a few; a couple of established teams experiencing slight decline; and a couple of champion teams who are there to be shot down.

Division 10 has the honour of starting the 2017 season, when Cabinteely 1 travel to Tymon Park this Saturday, to play Clondalkin 1. It will be the first of over a thousand Open Competitions matches over the summer. This league is a multi-county affair, with three of Dublin's counties, along with Longford, Wicklow, Westmeath and Louth all represented. There will be some kilometres on the cars of Division 10 players this year!

For the first time since 1952, the first team from Longford put their name on a Cricket Leinster competition. A previous incarnation of the club, County Longford won the Junior Cup then, and it has been a long wait for a repeat.

Without wishing to lessen the achievement of Railway Union 4, Division 10 saw Railway as the hottest of favourites (even more so than Ringcommons 1 in Division 11). Due to reorganisation within the Railway Union club, the 4ths were playing four divisions lower than in 2015 - with essentially the same players.

This column leaps into the future now, skipping over Divisions 7, 8 and 9, to have a look at Division 6, which starts this Sunday.

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