And finally to our 29th competition preview for the 2017 season. Division 4 starts this weekend, and perhaps oddly, there are very good reasons for why none of the eight teams will win the league. Fortunately, leagues do not work like that, and it is a case of finding which team has the best worst reason for not winning the league!

Our last league preview looked at Division 5, and was full of optimism for teams who by and large had a good chance of winning the league Division 7 is similar - most of the teams have a good chance of winning the trophy. There is a difference however, that difference being that the majority of the eight teams in Division 7 look to be prime relegation material.

Seven teams will embark on the good ship Division 14 for the 2014 season. To find out which ones will sink to the bottom of the sea, and which ones will break the records for circumnavigating the globe, read on.

The 2016 National Cup was a celebration of Leinster cricket, Laois taking on Rush to make the first all Leinster final. Rush retained their 2015 title making it the second time that Leinster clubs have completed the Irish Senior Cup and National Cup double. Merrion and Rush matches Clontarf and Malahide's feat in 2013.

As this column has bored everyone repeatedly for the last few years, Division 3 has lost its interest for the neutral. With the top three clubs turning down promotion year after year, and with rumours coming from the OCC last year that 2nd teams would not be accepted anyway, Division 3 has become stale. I appreciate that it may not feel like that for the teams involved, but for the neutral that is how it seems.

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